Welcome from all at the Parish Council.

PC are made up from elected volunteers who give up their own time in order to improve Husthwaite Village life.The PC are commited to enhancing all areas of the community for all members of the community.

Parish Council Meetings are held on the third Tuesday in January, March, May, July, September and November. All meetings are at 7.30 EXCEPT May and November which are 7.0pm.
Meetings will be held at Husthwaite Village Hall.

Your Councillors

carol fenwick

Carol Fenwick: Council Chair. I was born and raised in Husthwaite, as was my husband Rick. We live at Inglenook and have three children Lisa-Marie, Michelle and Alex. For the last 30 years I have been employed full time as a clerical supervisor and budget manager and I also do voluntary work in a local charity shop. I joined the Parish Council in May 1999 and have been Chair for a number of years. I represent the Parish Council as a trustee on the Village Hall Committee and on the Constance Elizabeth Beckwith Trust. In addition I am responsible for streetlights, recreation area inspections and risk assessments and I am a Husthwaite Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.
Email Carol Fenwick Tel: 01347 868 479

elaine smith

Elaine Smith: Vice-Chair. I came to live in Husthwaite in 1979 the year after David and I were married. His family have farmed at Baxby for four generations, and our son has grown up here, as did David and his father before him. I first became a member of the parish council in 1992, was for 3 years in the Chair, and presently represent the Council on the Yorkshire local Councils' Association and at liaison meetings with Hambleton District Council.
We treasure our home, the farm and its surroundings, but particularly appreciate being part of a community where people support each other, and where neighbourliness still survives.
I see the imposition of urban values and greater control 'from a distance' as the greatest threats to many of the things we in Husthwaite value. It is therefore important that the Parish Council promotes the principal of 'government from the bottom up', and ensures that the views of the people we represent are heard.
Email Elaine Smith Tel: 01347 868 572


Peter Fox. I have lived in Husthwaite for almost 40 years with my wife Katie and two daughters now with their own families. I retired in 2012 as senior judge in the North East when I was co-opted on to the Parish Council which I have found to be an energetic group of very different people, active in every aspect of village life. I was happy to stand again in 2015 but am looking for a younger replacement by 2020. Over the years I have seen this village change from a behind-the-times backwater to an up-to-date vibrant community with opportunities and activities for all, yet retaining a its attractive rural character whose way of life and infrastructure I want to help maintain. My current local interest is in the prospect of 'fracking' locally and the need to ensure such development does not detract from our precious quality of life.
Email Peter Fox

Barney Smith. I was born and raised in Husthwaite and my family has been at Baxby Manor for five generations, (the sixth has now arrived!). I attended Husthwaite Primary School and went to Ampleforth College.
I love to travel and spent quite a few years travelling the world, but I always looked forward to coming home. I have Husthwaite at my heart and want to make a difference, not just for now but for future generations and my children. I live at Baxby with my wife Holly and our two sons Felix and Rufus. I am self employed and am the owner of The Hideaway camping and glamping campsite at Baxby Manor.
Email Barney Smith Tel: 01347 869 094


Paul Escreet
Hi, for those who don't know me I'm Paul. I moved to Husthwaite six years ago with my partner Mel, at the time we were just 'passing through' but we both fell in love with Husthwaite and the community so we have been here ever since. The biggest thing that I like about Husthwaite is the people, especially those who have a passion for the village, its amenities and local activities. You don't have to go far to discover someone working on something to benefit the village, whether it be a website, newsletter, drama, cider making, the recreation area or a new village hall.
In the autumn of 2012, when I was asked if I was interested in joining the Parish Council I saw it as an opportunity to do my bit towards the upkeep of this fantastic village. My background is as a manager in a telecoms company, the issues I have been involved in at the Parish Council have so far been very different to what I am used to. I like straight talk and always feel motivated to get to the bottom of an issue, I also like the feeling of a good job well done so hope I have plenty to offer residents of the parish
Email Paul Escreet Tel: 01347 868 874


Alison Gambles
Hi, I am Alison Gambles, I'm 48 and have been married to Mark for 28 years. We have 2 children, Nichola 21 and Christopher 18.
I work for North Yorkshire County Council as a carer and have a second job at Ampleforth Abbey caring for the older Monks in the infirmary. I have lived in the village for 10 years and decided to join the Parish Council because I wanted to get more involved in village life, now that I haven't got so many jobs!
I really enjoy being involved with the 'Parish Plan' and listening to other peoples ideas and opinions.
I love being taken for a walk around this fantastic village by my 2 lovely (but naughty) black labs!
Email Alison Gambles Tel: 01347 869 004

Craig Colton

I am married to Lynn, have 3 children Rob (18) Rebecca (16) and Alex (13), along with two dogs.  We moved into Husthwaite July 2013, from Southampton.  I work in Insurance for Aviva, as MD for the Equity Release business.  As a family we like sport and like to be involved with village life.  I enjoy cycling and have got a few members of the village to join me on weekend cycle (road bike) rides.  I support Leeds United and along with my two boys we are season ticket holders and go to all home games.  Hopefully as a member of the Parish Council I will be able to help and support the village.


Jan Coulthard
I became Clerk to Husthwaite Council this year (2015) so I am still learning, but already appreciate the unseen work that Parish Councillors do on the village�s behalf.
Though a Lancastrian, I have lived in Yorkshire most of my working and family life, moving to Husthwaite with my husband Andrew in 2004.We quickly absorbed ourselves into village life, Andrew in the village hall events and hall renewal, and myself editing the Newsletter and Link magazines, and helping to run the Book Exchange.
We have a son and daughter, and 5 grandchildren, 3 of whom luckily for us live nearby. We also have a large number of Italian friends, who visit us regularly, as we do them. Such friendships are important to give a view of a wider world and different points of view.
I retired recently from tutoring in Adult Education, which together with teaching English in Further Education formed the whole of my working life. My interests include reading, design, crafts and politics.
If villagers wish to contact myself as clerk, or members of the Parish Council, our email is husthwaitepc@hotmail.co.uk

Last Meeting May 2017

Parish Council Meeting held on the 23rd May 2017

Present: C. Fenwick (Chair), C. Colton (CC), P. Escreet (PE), P. Fox (PF), B. Smith (BS), E. Smith (ES), Cllr. C Patmore (CP), J. Coulthard (JC Clerk).
1. Apologies: A. Gambles (Working) Declarations of interest: NONE.

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Approved and signed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising:

3.1 Parish Plan Actions Review: CC awaits a response from Husthwaite School about a talk he is to give there about the work of the Parish Council.

3.2 Enforcement of Planning Laws: There have been two failures to comply with planning law in the village:
1. At Sunley Woods Farm,despite refusal of planning permission to store mobile homes and temporary buildings, no permanent removal of these has taken place.
2. There have been complaints about out of hours working at Bye Green contrary to conditions imposed on the approval of planning.
It was felt that the HDC Planning department was not enforcing planning policy despite representations from the Parish Council and individual villagers. Cllr Patmore is taking this matter to HDC as enforcement of planning policy is vital.

3.3 Kendrew Green: PF pointed out that now we are sure Kendrew Green is owned by NYCC, it is their responsibility. However, in the interests of the village, the grass cutting regime planned by the PC in conjunction with AONB will continue. As the Wych Elms on the Green are vital to the rare butterflies living on them, it was decided to ask for a Preservation Order on them, to prevent the possibility of their being cut down. 

3.4 Fracking in North Yorkshire:PF said that despite NYCC apparently not taking into consideration the Minerals and Joint Waste Plan put forward by the group of villages in this area, this may go forward into a joint plan, thanks to York City Council, who are opposing aspects of the fracking plan. Representations may be put before a government inspector whose remit might invite evidence from parishes affected. On the 22 June, the Easingwold and Villages Community Forum AGM will consider adopting South Hambleton Shale Gas Advisory Group's proposals to amend the MJW plan. However, depending on the General Election result, matters may be taken under national control by one party or fracking suspended altogether by the other. CC will attend the E and V Forum AGM.

3.5 Emergency Planning:CC and JC will attend a training session on Emergency Planning, in Malton on Tuesday May 30th. 

3.6 Battle's Over - A Nation's Tribute: This event occurs on Nov. 11th 2018. CF to check with Richard Duffield about the use of a suitable field for the beacon. 

3.7 MUGA Surface: No further quotes have been received. CF is to find more quotes for the removal of moss, though much has dried off in the dry weather.

3.8 Village Green Tree: A quote of £80 from Farm & Land Services for deadwooding the lime tree on the Village Green was accepted and they will be asked to complete the job at their earliest convenience. 


3.9 Highthorne Lane Potholes: Four potholes have been filled in thanks to the persistent messages from PC members to NYCC Highways. A more permanent solution is envisaged by NYCC, but, because of funding problems, not until 2018/9. In that round of repairs, the footpaths around the school will also be resurfaced.

3.10 Young Childrens Play Area Swings:CF awaits a response from Playscheme about the provision of a baby swing. Action: CF

4. Matters that have arisen between meetings:

  1. 4.1  Local Plan Alternative Sites Consultation: CF will forward comments to HDC. Action: CF

  2. 4.2  Local Greenspace Consultation: CF will forward comments to HDC.Action: CF

  3. 4.3  Public Rights of Way Consultation:CF has responded to this consultation:

1) Rural Rights of Way are as important as urban ones

2)Safety is the most important aspect of any action taken or not taken

3)It would be sensible to ask people locally which routes were most used, not have that decided from afar.

5. Planning Matters:

5.1 The following planning applications have been received:


5.2 The following planning applications have been approved:

The Outwoods, The Nookin, Husthwaite Works to remove Leylandii trees and hedge in a Conservation Area.

Bruaich, The Nookin, Husthwaite Works to trees in a Conservation Area.

Bye Green Holdings, Low Street, Husthwaite Retrospective application for an agricultural extension to an existing building.

5.3 The following planning applications are still awaiting a decision:

The Garage, Low Street, Husthwaite Outline application (considering appearance, access, layout and scale) for the demolition of existing buildings and construction of 3no dwellings. Councillors appreciated the recent invite to visit the site and view the amended plans before they were submitted to HDC.

8. Reports from Council’s Representatives:

Village Hall: The Village Hall Committee is considering applying to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and would like to know if it would be possible to transfer ownership of the land on which the Village Hall stands to itself as a charitable organisation. P. Fox agreed to look at the Trust Deed documents. Action PF

Easingwold & Villages Forum:

PF reported from the meeting on 27th April:

Easingwold Library is flourishing with a great many volunteers who are being trained. Its future seems assured.

Community funding for the community bus has been allocated to Community Care. The bus is available for groups to hire.

There are still complaints about mobile phone signals being unreliable in parts of the area. The Husthwaite Pub is now open to the public.

Access to Millfield Surgery was discussed. Originally the surgery had 3,300 patients, whereas now there are 7,500 on the register. There are no full time doctors. Concern was expressed particularly as new housing will put further pressure on the service.

YLCA: Next meeting is in Northallerton on 21st June 2017 at 7pm. ES to attend.

Public Footpaths: The stile on the Public Footpath between Highthorne Lane and Flower O’May has been repaired by the land owner. It appears that stiles on public footpaths are the responsibility of the landowner, not NYCC.

Highways: A complaint was sent in April to NYCC Highways about the only partial repair of the Coxwold to Husthwaite Road. No response is forthcoming as yet. A complainant to the PC, asking about the old railway line footpath and the ploughing up of pubic footpaths in fields, will be referred to the NYCC who deal with these footpaths. JC to respond to the complainant. Action JC

Street Lighting: All working.
Neighbourhood Watch: Suspicious vehicles that have been parked in High Street and at the Village Green for a number of weeks (one that is not taxed) have been reported to HDC and DVLA.

MUGA: On the recent annual inspection of the Recreation Area by the Play Inspection Company, several ‘Low Risk’ and ‘Very Low Risk’ factors have been identified. The Parish Council will continue to monitor the areas identified and will take remedial action if required.


Date and Time of Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 11th July 2017 at 7.30p.m. in Husthwaite Village Hall. 


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