Husthwaite Supporting Each Other


The news section has been revived during this difficult time and can be found by following the link in the main menu above.

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Go to our news section and see a large number lof local firms who will supply a wide range of foods.

Sheila Mowatt would like to thank you for all your contributions to the Community Newsletter so far, too much to put in one week, but we are building a nice library of stuff!
For all contributions, photo's, stories and ideas, please contact her on or call 868196


The Community Action Group

The Community Action Group has been set up by the PC, the Village Hall and the Parish Church and will help ensure support for everyone in the village.

What are the Community Action Group aims?
We are aiming to co-ordinate support for the village, whilst providing opportunity to engage and interact with everyone.
• we don't want to do everything for people but we do want to make sure you can stay virus free
• we want to make sure each and every one of us has that support they need
• we want to ensure that no one has to put themselves or their community at any more risk than it has to
• we want to ensure no one is missed, lonely or feel isolated

So what does that mean the Community Action Group are doing?
• You will all have seen a leaflet drop highlighting what we can help with, eg collecting food or prescriptions, chats on the phone etc
• Please call on one of the numbers on the list and let us know if you are self-isolating if you have lost the leaflet call on 868092 (Craig), 868479(Carol), 868572(Elaine), 868105(Jane), 868291(John), 869094(Barney)
• We will be sending out regular electronic updates (for those with email) and leaflets for those without when anything new is available
• We will put up posters around the village for those who get out for a walk
• We will if demand exists provide people to chat to on the phone, books to read from the Village Hall Library, we will look to provide interesting and stimulating puzzles and quizzes if you want them, we can also help provide spiritual and moral support. Let us know when you call.
• We will not be intrusive but we would really like you to let us know what you are up to and how we could make things easier. Please call us and let us know.

We care for each other and we will all work together to ensure that we minimise the risks for each other.
We have lots of volunteers so PLEASE do contact us.