Village Hall Committee

Husthwaite Village Hall is a charity, managed in line with the requirements of its Trust Deed.

The Trust Deed specifies that Husthwaite Parish Council is the Custodian Trustee.

The Committee is to consist of 4 Managing Trustees, a representative of the Parish Council and up to four co-opted members.

 Managing Trustees
Lynn Colton  Co-Chair
Sheila Mowatt  Co-Chair
 Co-opted Members
Liz Walton
Steve Broughton Treasurer
Paul Hampshire
Simon Eedle Secretary
Gill Allanson
Angela Whenman
 Parish Council Representative
Craig Colton


We were very lucky to receive a significant grant from the Big Lottery to help us build the hall. However, the funding was not really about building a hall, it was about creating a facility in the community for people to meet and socialise.

As part of the business plan which we put together to support our lottery bid, we agreed 4 outcomes for the new hall to be successful which the Village Hall Committee are fully committed to.

Outcome 1

Local residents will be better motivated to organise and participate in inter-generational activities, thus improving community spirit.

Outcome 2

Social events and well-being activities will reduce isolation and improve health and community cohesion for local residents, especially older people.

Outcome 3

Teenagers, school leavers and anyone leaving education without work will develop improved life skills and employability prospects.

Outcome 4

Young children will improve their earliest social skills, and locally-delivered peer group support will alleviate the isolation of parents.

We also think that it is really important that we have a set of values which help guide how we manage the hall and activities on behalf of the community. The values that we have developed as a committee are as follows:


To work effectively as a team to achieve the goals of the Village Hall Committee

  • By having clearly articulated common goals
  • Playing to the strengths of individuals on the committee
  • Having your opinions respected and respecting the opinions of others
  • Being supportive of each other and maintaining a united public profile
  • Discuss issues openly in a challenging but sensitive way
  • Critique given in  a constructive and not personal manner

To ensure that Husthwaite Village Hall Committee is run in a professional and organised manner

  • Having appropriate processes and protocols to meet the standards of compliance and governance of a reputable charity
  • Having a financial plan which ensures the village hall is self-sustainable
  • Members of the Village Hall Committee will operate in a professional and ethical manner

Position the village hall as a resource for the entire Husthwaite community

  • Providing a diverse programme of events that represents the interests of the whole community
  • Ensuring people are made welcome at events in the village hall
  • By having diverse representation on the Village Hall Committee
  • Making it easy for people to access and attend events
 Community Enhancement

Using the village hall to support the development of Husthwaite and the local community

  • Encouraging community spirit to get involved and develop the community as a whole
  • Understand the needs and requirements of the community
  • Using diverse methods of communication to engage with the whole community
  • Making the village hall a hub for the community and the organisations within it