History Society

The group originated in 1986 under the aegis of the WEA and has since developed into a local history society.

Our aims are to promote, develop and research the history of Husthwaite and its surroundings. This includes the geography, people and events that have combined to bring our village into the 21st Century.

We have our own website in which we try not only to make information more accessible and to illustrate what we are doing but to encourage involvement in our work.

There is information on events, current projects and past publications. In addition, there are also galleries of photographs which illustrate an increasingly comprehensive view of the history of Husthwaite.

We welcome contributions in any form. New members who wish to be involved in current projects or simply to develop their own can use the contact information in the site.

Anyone who has documents, photographs or simply more detailed information on any of the photographs in our Gallery is also welcome to contribute.

Full contact details and a comprehensive view of what we do can be seen on our website