Husthwaite Neighbourhood Plan Project

Why are we doing a Neighbourhood Plan?

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Developing a Neighbourhood Plan will give our parish community direct power to develop a shared vision for the parish and shape its development and growth in the coming years.

The new Neighbourhood Plan will update and build upon the old Parish Plan produced in 2007 but will have a greater impact.  Neighbourhood Plans are planning policy documents that can be prepared by local communities. The law says that when a Neighbourhood Plan has been approved (by both the community and the local planning authority), it becomes official planning policy, and must be considered when planning application decisions are made in relation to the Parish. They are a very good way to give local communities a say in the way their area develops in the future.

Survey- deadline for submission of Paper Surveys extended to May 12th 2024

Public engagement and consultation are central to the Neighbourhood Plan process and our parish-wide survey is one of the cornerstones of our consultation.

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