Husthwaite Yoga

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a path to health and well-being with awareness as its cornerstone dating back over 3,000 years. It can bring physical vitality, mental resilience and inner peace. The classes are inclusive and physical limitations are not a barrier to joining. Classes include warm-ups, postures (Asanas), breathwork (Pranayama) and deep relaxation along with snippets of yoga philosophy. We use a breath-led, staged approach with props to make practices accessible or more demanding for a wide range of abilities.

Who is Yoga for?

For everyone! Men and women of all ages

Modifications are offered for physical limitations and health issues

Why come to a Yoga Class?

  • Simply to feel better!
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • To reduce backache and improve posture
  • Decrease stress and give restorative ‘me time’
  • Improve poor breathing habits and reduce anxiety
  • Get a ‘yoga toolkit’ to assist with life’s daily challenges
  • Help to manage chronic pain or health condition
  • Enjoy a structured practice away from distractions
  • Professional guidance from a teacher
  • Try something new and inspire yourself

What shall I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing such as T-shirt and sweatshirt with jogging pants and bare feet

What do I need to bring?

Yoga mat, warm top, socks and a blanket for relaxation

What else do I need to know?

Everyone is welcome to join at any time. Drop-in or 6-class passes.

Don’t eat heavily before class and please arrive a few minutes before class begins to give time to settle.

Please complete a Confidential Health Questionnaire to ensure safe practise and modifications at your first class.

Tutor – Jane Cluley

Jane CluleyJane is a lifelong student and spiritual seeker who began yoga at university and from the first was hooked by how it made her feel. She is a 500-hour BWY teacher with over 30 years’ experience and has studied and practiced in a wide range of styles.  She is particularly interested in supporting positive mental health through yoga and in helping all students reach their potential.

She teaches weekly classes in Husthwaite, on Zoom and in the surrounding area, leads workshops, courses and retreats.

Outside of yoga she loves nature, walking, cycling, gardening, and worldwide travel.

Further information: or Tel: 07906 652669