Welcome from all at the Parish Council.

PC are made up from elected volunteers who give up their own time in order to improve Husthwaite Village life.The PC are commited to enhancing all areas of the community for all members of the community.

Parish Council Meetings are held on the third Tuesday in January, March, May, July, September and November. All meetings are at 7.30 EXCEPT May and November which are 7.0pm.
Meetings will be held at Husthwaite Village Hall.

You can contact the PC at: husthwaitepc@hotmail.co.uk

Your Councillors

carol fenwick

Carol Fenwick: Council Chair. I was born and raised in Husthwaite, as was my husband Rick. We live at Inglenook and have three children Lisa-Marie, Michelle and Alex. For the last 30 years I have been employed full time as a clerical supervisor and budget manager and I also do voluntary work in a local charity shop. I joined the Parish Council in May 1999 and have been Chair for a number of years. I represent the Parish Council as a trustee on the Village Hall Committee and on the Constance Elizabeth Beckwith Trust. In addition I am responsible for streetlights, recreation area inspections and risk assessments and I am a Husthwaite Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.
Tel: 01347 868 479

elaine smith

Elaine Smith: Vice-Chair. I came to live in Husthwaite in 1979 the year after David and I were married. His family have farmed at Baxby for four generations, and our son has grown up here, as did David and his father before him. I first became a member of the parish council in 1992, was for 3 years in the Chair, and presently represent the Council on the Yorkshire local Councils' Association and at liaison meetings with Hambleton District Council.
We treasure our home, the farm and its surroundings, but particularly appreciate being part of a community where people support each other, and where neighbourliness still survives.
I see the imposition of urban values and greater control 'from a distance' as the greatest threats to many of the things we in Husthwaite value. It is therefore important that the Parish Council promotes the principal of 'government from the bottom up', and ensures that the views of the people we represent are heard.
Tel: 01347 868 572

Julia Hampshire. I moved to Husthwaite with my husband Paul in November 2019. We have one daughter, Lucy and a dog named Mij.
We were immediately struck by the friendliness and the caring community spirit that is Husthwaite.
I work in higher education support in York and I have spent over 25 years working in the education sector.
I have joined the Parish Council so as to give something back to the community that has made us so welcome and I look forward to serving and supporting the village.
Tel: 01347

Craig Colton

I am married to Lynn, have 3 children Rob (18) Rebecca (16) and Alex (13), along with two dogs.  We moved into Husthwaite July 2013, from Southampton.  I work in Insurance for Aviva, as MD for the Equity Release business.  As a family we like sport and like to be involved with village life.  I enjoy cycling and have got a few members of the village to join me on weekend cycle (road bike) rides.  I support Leeds United and along with my two boys we are season ticket holders and go to all home games.  Hopefully as a member of the Parish Council I will be able to help and support the village.
Tel: 01347 868092

Sarah Aspinall

I have to confess to being a 'southerner' but I have lived in Husthwaite for 25 years. My husband, David, and I moved here from London in 1998. I previously worked as a commercial solicitor and I am now a part-time tutor in the Law School at University of York. Both our daughters went to the village school and I was a member of the Friends of Husthwaite School for a number of years which is how I first became actively involved in the community. I was also a part of the large team which secured the lottery funding for our redeveloped Village Hall.
I am a member of the South Hambleton Shale Gas Advisory Group which has been investigating issues relating to Fracking on behalf of a group of parish councils, including Husthwaite.
Most recently, I have helped set up the informal action group of concerned residents seeking to protect the beautiful rural setting of our village which is the main reason David and I originally moved here and which continues to give us so much pleasure - whether walking our dogs in and around the village or cycling the lanes or just 'being in the country'.

I have joined the Parish Council for a number of reasons. I felt I had taken for granted the huge amount of work done by the Council and it was important to seek to share that load given the rising number of challenges faced by our community. It is also an important time for the residents of Hambleton in particular to step up and take action in their local area given the imminent disappearance of Hambleton District Council and I think that I have the skills and experience to make a useful contribution, particularly in relation to the development of a new Husthwaite Plan. I look forward to working with and for everyone in the Parish.

Last Meeting MARCH 2019

Draft Minutes March 2020

Present: C. Fenwick (Chair), C. Colton (CC), J. Don (JD), J. Law (JL), B. Smith (BS).
Participating by conference call: E. Smith (ES), District Councillor J. Mortimer (both self-isolating).
Also in Attendance: S. Broughton, Dr. H. Iredale, Rev. E Hassall.
1. Apologies: Mrs J. Coulthard (Clerk), County Councillor C. Patmore (both self-isolating).
Declarations of Interest: None.
2. Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of the last parish council meeting were approved and signed as a true record.
3. Matters Arising:
3.1 Fracking in North Yorkshire: No new information since the last meeting.
3.2 25 Year Environmental Plan: JL has spoken to Keith Gittens who is keen to create a wildflower meadow in the Woodland & Wildlife Area to the rear of the Recreation Area. A suggestion to build a bridge over the beck adjacent to the Recreation Area and link it with the public footpath nearby needs further investigation as we do not own the land, but a trail or cycle path around the perimeter may be a possibility. JL also intends to organise a seed collection from trees in the autumn from which to grow saplings that we could then plant in the area. Action: JL
3.3 Amplecarr / A19 Junction: The Police attended another accident, involving two cars, at this junction on 30th January and the PC sent photographic evidence to both David Bowe and David Kirkpatrick. NYCC Highways installed new verge marker posts at the junction in early February.
3.4 Kendrew Green Trees: Keith Gittens has contacted NYCC to inform them that not all the agreed work has been completed and he awaits a response.
3.5 The Village Website and the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations: Lawrie Hill has not yet handed over responsibility for updating the website to Jan Janiurek and, in the current climate, this might not happen for some time. LH is self-isolating but has offered to upload any Coronavirus information that we send onto the website. Action: CC
3.6 Community Right to bid on Husthwaite pub: Hambleton District Council have acknowledged receipt of our letter informing them that a new Community Interest Company from Husthwaite wishes to be treated as a potential bidder for the premises and have confirmed that the full 6-month moratorium period will end on 9th July 2020. An open public meeting held on Tuesday 3rd March had 45 attendees and an online survey has been completed by 65 people to date. Sarah Chester and Ross Higham from Church Fenton Parish Council joined the meeting by conference call to explain how Church Fenton PC bought both the village pub and the village shop with a 50-year, low interest loan from the Public Works Loan Board, approved by the Government. Firstly they had to provide evidence that the community supported the purchase. Then they had the property valued, spoke to a tenant who was interested in taking a long term lease at a competitive rent and started to raise funds by selling shares in the premises. Before the loan could be approved they had to send a questionnaire to every house explaining ALL the facts - the purchase price, loan amount and costs, tenant agreement, amount raised by share sales and how much the precept would have to increase to cover the loan costs IF the tenant left unexpectedly - with a simple yes / no response. Following confirmation of community backing, the loan was approved by government and a Community Benefit Society was set up to act as landlord and provide management structure. The PC agreed that this cost-neutral example was probably the best way forward for Husthwaite so CF and CC will write to Kevin Hollinrake and the Rt. Hon Robert Jenrick, Minister of Housing, Communities and Local Government, asking for their support and JL will contact the Plunkett Foundation to ask for advice. Action: CC/CF/JL
3.7 Quote for works: Farm & Land Services have inspected the trees on the Cemetery / Primary School boundary and have quoted £70 + VAT to remove the branch that is leaning heavily towards the cemetery. In addition, they have quoted £255 + VAT to cut back all the grassed banking areas around the Recreation Area, cut the hedges along the stream side and trim the overhanging vegetation on the access track. The PC was satisfied with the quotations given and Farm & Land Services will be asked to undertake the works at their earliest convenience. The quotes of £40 + VAT per cut for strimming the banking behind the village hall and £35 + VAT per herbicide application of the village hall carpark were also considered acceptable and the PC agreed to pay for this work to be completed twice a year. Action: CF
4. Matters that have arisen between meetings:
4.1 Councillor Resignation: Councillor Peter Fox has unfortunately offered his resignation as a Parish Councillor. The Council members regretfully accepted his decision and requested that a letter be sent thanking him for all his hard work over the last 7 years, especially his investigations into fracking and his participation on the South Hambleton Shale Gas Advisory Group. The Clerk will inform HDC of his resignation and details of the election process for a new member will be published on the village noticeboard in due course. Action: Clerk
4.2 Coronavirus planning: Dr Iredale, Rev. Hassall and the PC agreed the design of a flyer offering help to parishioners who are self-isolating due to the COVID-19 virus. The flyer includes the contact details of all parish councillors and will be posted to every house in Husthwaite this week. CC offered to write a COVID-19 article for the newsletter and also volunteered to collate requests for help and offers of assistance. On the advice of YLCA, the Council empowered the RFO to do anything expedient and necessary to ensure the continuous business of the Council and to deal with mandatory undertakings in order to prevent the authority from incurring liability during the Coronavirus crisis. Action: ALL
5. Planning Matters:
5.1 The following planning applications have been received:
20/00190/FUL - The Old Lodge, Malton Street, Husthwaite - Demolition of east wing and construction of two-storey replacement - The Parish Council had NO OBSERVATIONS.
20/00206/DDD - Wilton Croft, Low Street, Husthwaite - Proposed felling of a dead tree - The Parish Council had NO OBSERVATIONS.
20/00228/FUL - Spring Garth, High Street, Husthwaite - Application for subdivision of existing plot & creation of new dwelling with detached double garage - The Parish Council had NO OBSERVATIONS
5.2 The following planning applications have been approved:
19/00536/FUL - Beal Cottage, High Street, Husthwaite - Retrospective application for formation of a decking area to the front of renovated barn.
19/02202/TPO - Wilton Croft, Low Street, Husthwaite - Application for works to fell a Blue Atlas Cedar tree subject to TPO 6/2009.
19/02649/CAT - Land at the Old Vicarage, High Street, Husthwaite - Works to Wellingtonia, Holm Oak, Sycamore and Holm Oak.
5.3 Planning Enforcement have visited Beal Cottage and had discussions with the owner regarding a business operating from the refurbished shed and, as the business operates for no more than five hours a week, there is no breach of planning control. If activity increases in the future, the complaint can be re-investigated as a potential change of use.
6. Finance Report:
6.1 Current Account:
Cheques / Monies Out
21.01.20â�¯ 100991 £90.00 NYCC - Elphin View Grit Bin (including £15 VAT)
21.01.20 100992 £408.00 Farm & Land Services - Grass Cutting (including £68 VAT)
21.01.20 100993 £15.00 YLCA - Webinar Training
21.01.20 100994 £220.00 Clerk - November 2019 to January 2020
£733.00 â�¯
Cheques / Monies In
Statement Balance at 15 February 2020 - £16624.37 (including £9444.88 Cemetery monies)
Balance as at 17th March 2020 - £16609.37
Payments to be authorised:
J Coulthard - £220.00 -January to March 2020
6.2 Recreation Area Account:
Cheques / Monies In
15.02.20 .22 Interest
Statement Balance at 15 February 2020 - £1307.07
6.3 HSBC Safeguard Review: The RFO has recently completed a mandatory safeguard review with HSBC and, following the resignation of Peter Fox, the PC agreed to update the HSBC bank mandate to include Carol Fenwick, Elaine Smith, Craig Colton, Jane Don and John Law. Action: CF
7. Circulated Items that may be of interest to the Council:
Probation Bid Opportunity: Maximus UK is currently bidding to deliver the Ministry Of Justice Community Payback contract in this area and are looking for partners who would be willing to host placements of groups of offenders to carry out work. The PC will keep this in mind for future activities such as public footpath improvements or environmental projects.
Consultation on a new policy - Developer Contributions for Education: The PC considered the proposals and agreed with the suggestion to request Section 106 contributions for primary and secondary education provision from developers.
DfT funding for Supported Bus Services / Rural Mobility Fund: Although the PC suggested that this funding could be used to re-instate some extra provision on the Service 31X route, we were unable to complete the proposal forms as we could not provide the financial information in the short time provided.
BB Spring Clean: The 2020 scheme has now been cancelled due to Coronavirus fears.

8. Reports from Council Representatives:
Easingwold & Villages Forum: No councillor was able to attend the last meeting on 12th March.
HDC Parish Liaison Meeting: No notification of next meeting received.
Highways: The road sweeper visited the village on 4th February. The PC will request prior notification of future visits to try to limit cars parked at the side of the roads.
Neighbourhood Watch: Following the suspicious incident at St Nicholas Church, the roof is now protected by a camera and sensor system connected to a control room run by an insurance approved security company.
Public Footpaths: JL has surveyed most of the footpaths and will prioritise a maintenance programme for volunteers when the current COVID-19 threat is over.
Recreation Area: The quote from Farm & Land Services to cut and remove the shrub growth from around the perimeter of the Recreation Area was accepted by the PC. CF will request quotes from three sources for the repainting of the MUGA surface. Action: CF
Street Lighting: Light number 2 in High Street has been reported again as NOT working and light number 12 on The Nookin is also not working.
Village Hall: All forthcoming events have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus crisis. Quotes to weatherproof the Bier House roof will be requested from M Duffield, York Guttering & Roofing and A&S Roofing.
YLCA: All Clerks and Councillors have been issued with new passwords for the new YLCA website which launched at the end of January.
9. Reports from County & District Councillors: As no councillors were in attendance, no reports were given.
10. Date & Time of next Meeting: The next meeting will (provisionally) be held on Tuesday 26th May 2020 after the Annual Meeting which takes place at 7:00pm in Husthwaite Village Hall.



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