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Lottery Update


Most of us know that the Village Hall has put in a bid to the lottery for a new hall but where are we now?

The process seems simple.  Most (80%) of bids fall at stage one and we are nearing the end of stage two.  In the past few weeks various members of the Lottery committee have been in contact with Andrew Coulthard and Richard Wood asking for clarification on certain parts of the bid.  Rather than being worrying, this is a positive development.  For example the financial officer queried estimates in some of the financial categories.  They are aware that some bids are kept low in order to achieve succcess but the committee is keen that any estimate is realistic and that in some areas we should increase what we are asking for.  The Lottery is keen that we deal in the 'real world' and this and other help they have given to improve our bid, are encouraging signs.

We will hear in January if we reach stage three.  If successful the lottery will advance a significant amount of money (non refundable) to add flesh to the bid.  This will include,  for example, planning permission, architects drawings etc.

Although the Lottery are quick to point it out that even reaching stage three is not a guarantee of being ultimately sucessful with the bid....there are suffiient grounds to be optimistic!!