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Life during COVID-19 LOCKDOWN in school…


School is incredibly different to normal. The quiet classrooms and corridors feel empty without all the children.

We are the children from the Husthwaite and Sessay CE Primary Federation, for some of us our parents are Critical Keyworkers and for others our school is the safest place for us. We are still able to come into school and be looked after by our teachers and school staff. Our schools have joined up as we are a Federation and we are coming to school at the Husthwaite site. There are lots of challenges being in school during the Coronavirus, but there are lots of positives too!

The biggest challenge is not seeing our close friends who are not in school at the moment. We miss playing with them and being able to chat. For the children and staff from Sessay school it was especially hard at the start as everything was new and different. For us the children the hardest thing is keeping to the 2m rule! We have had to think of new games and make sure we are apart at different tables. We miss playing tig at playtimes, sharing things, doing group work and the simple things like giving our friends a hug!

However, there are lots of positives about being in school during LOCKDOWN. We are in a familiar, safe place and our Federation family has strengthened even more. New friendships and stronger relationships have been formed. We still see our teachers and school staff who come in to look after us and they always have a smile on their faces. We feel lucky that we can still see a couple of our friends, even if we can't sit next to them! We still have playtimes and lunchtimes which are much quieter than normal. School is still giving us a yummy healthy lunch each day and sometimes our head teacher is the cook! Going into our usual classrooms is nice and we do lots of Home Learning and activities each day. Activities have ranged from Maths and English to Art and Science and we do them outside as much as we can. Today we made a boat and investigated whose could hold the greatest weight!

Overall school during LOCKDOWN is difficult as we so miss all our friends! But, we have to stay safe and make the best of the difficult situation the whole world is in. Every day we are happy and have lots of fun!

(Shared write by the children and staff attending the Husthwaite and Sessay CE Primary Federation during COVID-19 LOCKDOWN).