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Husthwaite Rocks


On your daily walk, the sight of one of the Husthwaite Rocks is certain to brighten your day.
The idea is to spread joy, something we all need at this time, but also for the creative kids responsible, to see how far their rocks can travel. If you find one, take a picture and post it on facebook, then move it to another location. The kids will love it and be amazed at just how far their rock can travel.

When asked about their rocks, here's what the Husthwaite kids had to say;
"It's a good idea because it cheers people up and it's fun hiding them" Albert aged 8
"I love them because I like painting them to make each other happy" Evelyn aged 6
"I love them because I like going on a treasure hunt" Arthur aged 4
"I like painting the rocks" Millie aged 9
"I like finding them and moving them around" Rory aged 8
"They make our walks into a treasure hunt, you don't know what you're going to find" Bethan aged 10
I like how they are all different, I love that no one knows who's started it" Charlie aged 7
And.....a big thank you to the unknown Rock Painter, someone out there is adding to the collection, and we don't know who it is .......YET!
What a great idea, make sure to find one on your daily travels and move it somewhere interesting. Or why not do your own and place it somewhere special to you.
Husthwaite really and truly rocks!