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Village Hall Events Go Virtual!


The Village Hall events team have not been idle over the lockdown months. Although we can no longer host events at the Hall, this hasn't stopped our creativity. With a ZOOM account in place, the internet meeting room of choice, it was time to put it to much better use than corporate meetings.

The first "experiment" was taking the Wine Appreciation Club virtual. Steve and Susan Broughton who run the club, were more than up for it! It took a bit of a rethink with regards the logistics, but the Broughton team nailed it. What started with a few of the members eager to stay in touch with the finer things in lockdown life, ie. Wine, is now back up to full wine appreciator capacity. Every Tuesday, club members eagerly await their doorstep delivery of four different wines in a variety of receptacles, from plastic bottles to old pop jars! With gloved hands, the containers are left on the doorstep before being brought in and eventually savoured over ZOOM with fellow wine enthusiasts, led by Steve of course. The club "meet" every Tuesday night.

Wine sorted, we turned our attention to an Easter Bank Holiday Quiz night. This took a bit more effort, both logistically and technically. However, with 15 teams signed up, it was time to give it a go! The traditional format of eight rounds of eight questions worked well, some but not all rounds were non-googleable, not that we don't trust people to look up the answers but realise it's very tempting! A bit chaotic at the beginning (when everyone tried to talk at once) but nevertheless a success. Anthony Glaister and family were our Easter Quiz winners. With many lessons learned, Quiz number two on VE Day bank holiday, worked so much better, the hosts were relieved. Success mainly down to the mastering of the MUTE button and a clear division of tasks between the two hosts. The Aspinall's were our winners, no prizes, only the glory. Quiz number three is in the events calendar for Friday 26th JUNE, more details will follow.

Whisky tasting is another idea in the planning stage with a date of 12th June proposed for the 20 plus enthusiasts already signed up, and we have a few more ideas up our sleeve.

Some clubs have also taken up ZOOM technology to continue to run their activities; Yoga and Zumba to name two.

We realise that not everyone is comfortable with the technology, but honestly, it's really easy! It takes 2 mins to set up ZOOM and I am more than happy to give a quick lesson (or even set up for you, remotely). It's a great way to keep in touch and is good for community spirit at this very difficult time. If you have any ideas, please let us know, we are happy to take on board any and all ideas and help make them happen. Contact Sheila or Will on 868196 or email