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3D Printing in Husthwaite!


Stuck in lockdown...

...but could really do with that one little you can't get hold of? Need a replacement part or even just something cool for yourself?
Well, good news. I, (Jan Janiurek Jr.) have a 3d printer as well as design software, so if there's anything you need I can (probably) make it.

That specific nut/bolt you need? A hosepipe connector? The handle that fell off your cupboard? Even a toy for the kids?
Not a problem, I can print it.
(Currently printing in black, red, grey and blue PLA.)
If you want anything specific like parts, toys, display items or even crockery you can use Thingiverse ( and search for any item you might want (there is a LOT on there) or if it's something more personal or customised then call or email me your queries.

The Cost? Well, if it is really essential then it is Free!

Contact me on 07527273030 or email me at