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The Plum & Partridge


The Plum and Partridge has new folk in charge. Ellie Burnside and Harrison Barraclough have taken over running our pub from what turned out to be the disatrous management shuffling that was The Ainsty Inns group.

The Ainsty Group

They promised fine food, wines and changes to the rather stylised look of the interior.

They delivered fine food from an everchanging list of chefs and also fine wines. We enjoyed a number of excellent meals but winced at the price.

As to changes? Quite a few promises but only the personnel dispiriting effect.

The Past

I have been optimistic every time the pub had new managers and disappointed at the cynicism that was prevalent at the start. The rumours and complaints that circulated eventually drowned any hope of success.

Opening nights with free food and drink were packed only for the majority to make their next visit at the next opening.

Never hard for villagers to rationalise why they did not go...not enough people there, atmosphere poor, food expensive, too simple etc etc. Well one answer to that is for us to go and create an atmosphere. The superb panto proved we could add to a spectacle.

The question is... we have the pub we deserve?

Did we we get the shop we deserve. ie. shut?

What Next?

Talking to Ellie and Harrison one cannot ignore the young enthusiasm that emanates from them.
Changes already made include a Seafood Themed Night first Tuesday every month. Steak night every Wednesday. Fish and chips at an extraordinary price of £10. We had it last night and it was superb.
More ideas for the future flow as their determination to connect with the village shines through.

The answer?

We live in a fantasic village, have a vibrant and friendly community.
To add a pub to that equation?...simply support them. Once a week, once a month whatever......go there.

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