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Funds for Village Projects


A light bulb moment.....some of the best things in the village happened because someone suddenly thought, " I wonder what would happen if......" and then followed it up.

That's how the new village hall came about....the Orchard Project....the Orchard Village Club....the Film Club....and the New Year Football match. Bowls Club, History Group, Yoga class.....and so on; the list of ideas that turned into something good is a long one.

What's the next one going to be? Is there someone in the village who has an idea that might just work? Something that would make another chance to meet people or sow the seed of a new interest?
Have you heard about something being done in another community and thought, "We could do that here"?

That's where Husthwaite Village Trust comes in. We have the money left over when the Orchard Project became a business. The money is for any voluntary project which makes living in Husthwaite better. We already help the Newsletter, Orchard Village Club, and the Youth Club. We want to support more projects....and we have the resources to do it.

So.... if you have the beginnings of a bright idea for something that would benefit our community, let us know. We can help you develop the idea and make a bid for funding. Your idea could be the start of the next really good thing. Contact any of us and make a start.
Andrew Coulthard, Jim Murray, Jane Maloney, Erik Seaman, Cameron Smith.