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Draft Minutes of PC Meeting


Present: C. Fenwick (Chair), P. Escreet (PE), B. Smith (BS), E. Smith (ES), J. Coulthard (Clerk), C. Colton.
1. Apologies: A. Gambles (on holiday), P. Fox (ill)
2. Minutes of Previous Meetings: Approved and signed as a true record.
3. Matters Arising:
3.1 Co-option of a Councillor to fill the ordinary vacancy on the Parish Council: As Craig Colton was the only applicant, and the Council are satisfied that he is eligible to become a Councillor, it was unanimously agreed that he be co-opted onto Husthwaite Parish Council with immediate effect. Craig completed his ‘Declaration of Acceptance of Office' and the ‘Registration of Financial and Personal Interests' and the Clerk will contact Hambleton District Council to inform them of the co-option.
3.2 Parish Council Defibrillator Cabinet: The new defibrillator cabinet has now been fitted to the external wall of the Village Hall by Merlin Trading UK Ltd. A free 90 minute training session, giving instructions on its use, will be arranged in the near future for interested persons. Action: BS
3.3 School Parking Warden: Cllr Patmore has requested that the parking warden pay a visit to the school to assess the parking situation at the beginning and end of the school day.
3.4 Parish Plan Actions Spreadsheet: The spreadsheet is still in circulation, therefore everyone is encouraged to complete the review before the next meeting. Action: All
3.5 Sunken Grave: A quote will be requested from C Slater for relocating the bench within the Cemetery onto paving slabs to the south of the car parking area and filling the sunken grave with the surplus turf. Action: CF
3.6 Speeding Traffic: The police have advised that the speed limit on tractors varies depending on tractor size and specification, though speed should be appropriate to conditions. Police could contact identified speeding offenders but will be asked to approach all local farmers prior to harvest. Action:CF
3.7 Recreation Area Boundary: The works to the recreation area boundary have now been completed by Chris Slater.
3.8 CCTV cameras: NY Police have advised that different rules apply depending on where the cameras are located, private property or highway. Our request for guidance has now been passed to the Hambleton & Richmondshire Community Safety Partnership who hopefully will be able to provide us with advice on a Community CCTV scheme. Action: CF
3.9 Enforcement of planning laws: Planning and Housing at Hambleton District Council have assured Cllr Patmore that they are in the process of preparing an Enforcement Notice regarding the unauthorised development within Husthwaite.
3.10 Commons Act 2006 Registered Land: The Clerk will enquire with NYCC Commons Registration about registering land in the village as a common. Action: Clerk
3.11 Local Council Award Scheme: No action to be taken at this time as the scheme could require expensive training for both council members and clerk, to be paid for from limited PC funds.
3.12 Bus Service Review: Despite PC objections to the new plan which greatly limits services to and from the village, no response has yet been received from NYCC Transport Authority.
The Parish Council completed the Local Transport Plan Consultation, by firstly agreeing with the Manage, Maintain & Improve policy suggested by NYCC. Then, from the choices given, the PC agreed on the following order of priority:
Access to services - Road safety - Economic growth - Environment & Climate Change - Healthier travel
In addition, members suggested that rural buses should be at the very least maintained on the present timetable for reasons of social cohesion, prevention of isolation and maintenance of independence for particularly the young and elderly.
Other comments included:
A shuttle bus from the villages to hub towns eg Easingwold
At least one service a day to all service villages
A consideration of the fact that villages are potentially expanding with new developments.
3.13 Funding for Low Street footway repairs: Amy Ellis advised that a decision about funding will be announced by NYCC in the near future.
3.14 Housing Development Section 106 monies: Monies allocated for public open spaces could be devolved to other parishes or areas (as we already have an established Recreation Area) so the PC will investigate possibilities of funding other new development within the village, including in the area of the new build south of Prospect Cottages. Action: CF
4. Planning Matters:
4.1 The following planning applications have been received:
The Orchard Inn, Low Street, Husthwaite - Variation of conditions 2, 4, and 6 of planning application 13/01724/FUL as amended by e-mail. (The Parish Council has No Observations on this application).
Highthorne Farm, Highthorne Lane, Husthwaite - Prior notification for change of use of agricultural building to two dwellings and associated operational development. (The Parish Council has No Observations on this application).
Walnut House, The Nookin, Husthwaite - Proposed work to fell a Prunus within front garden in Conservation Area. (The Parish Council has No Observations on this application).
14 East View, Husthwaite - Proposed conversion of a garage to a habitable room. (The Parish Council has No Observations on this application).
Beal Cottage, High Street, Husthwaite - Demolition of single storey rear extension, erection of two storey gable and rear extension. (The Parish Council has No Observations on this application on condition that there continues to be ample provision for off street parking).
Land to the rear of Sleepy Hollow, High Street, Husthwaite - Retrospective application for the siting of a field gate. (The Parish Council has No Observations on this application).
Damson Garth, High Street, Husthwaite - Demolition of existing conservatory and alterations to form a replacement single storey garden room. (The Parish Council has No Observations on this application).
4.2 The following planning applications have been approved:
Sleepy Willows, High Street, Husthwaite - Internal alterations and extension to dwelling.
4.3 The following planning applications have been refused:
Damson Garth, High Street, Husthwaite - Prior notification for a larger home extension to the rear of the dwelling house extending 6.1m beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling, 3.4 at the eaves, and a maximum height of 3.6m above ground. (The Parish Council was NOT consulted on this proposal)
4.4 Consultation on the following planning applications is ongoing or close to a decision:
The Orchard Inn, Low Street, Husthwaite - Proposed discharge of conditions 04, scheme of refrigeration, and 13, details of barriers and signs.
Land at rear of Sleepy Hollow, High Street, Husthwaite - Outline application for development of 20 dwelling houses.
5. Finance Report:
5.1 Current Account
Cheques/Monies out
14.05.15 .14 100864 £884.96 Broker Network Ltd - Insurance

14.05.15 100865 £779.50 John Howland - Painting of Village Seats

14.05.15 100866 £320.00 Jan Coulthard - January to May 2015

14.05.15 100867 £80.00 HMRC TAX - January to May 2015
14.05.15 100868 £500.00 Husthwaite Village Hall

14.05.15 100869 £300.00 Husthwaite Newsletter

20.06.15 100870 £786.66 M Burn - Grass Cutting

Cheques/Monies in
29.06.15 £3.28 Transfer from Recreation Area Committee Account

Statement balance at 30 June 2015 - £13780.91
Account balance at 14 July 2015 - £12994.25 (including £8374.88 Cemetery monies)
Payments to be Authorised:
C. Slater - £300 - Recreation Area Boundary works
Merlin Trading UK Ltd - £96.14 - Installation of Defibrillator Cabinet
J. Coulthard - £160 - May to July 2015
HMRC TAX - £40 - May to July 2015
5.2 Recreation Area Account
Cheques/Monies in
15.03.15 .02 March Interest
15.04.15 .02 April Interest
15.05.15 .02 May Interest

Statement Balance at 15 May 2015 - £389.86.
5.3 Recreation Area Committee Account
Monies out
29.06.15 £3.28 Transfer to Parish Council Account
5.4 The maintenance agreement between Husthwaite Parish Council and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission has been cancelled and no further payments will be received.
6. Circulated Items That May Be Of Interest To The Council:
6.1 Registration of Interest form requirements: Cllr Peter Fox and Cllr Barney Smith have both completed a new form, adding their home address to the ‘Land in the Parish' section as requested.
6.2 Request for support from Sutton under Whitestonecliffe: The 7.5T weight limit was not supported by Husthwaite PC due to probable diversion of heavy lorries through other local villages.
6.3 Easingwold & Villages Community Plan: In response to the request from Hambleton District Council to identify, address and resolve issues important to residents for a new Community Plan the following suggestions were submitted:
Better broadband for local businesses and reduced business rates for new ventures.
Access to doctors on an evening and weekend or the provision of satelite services in local villages.
Improved police presence in villages and physical attendance after reported incidents.
Maintaining bus services in villages.
Support for the elderly, to enable them to remain independent, and rural primary schools.
Limited time parking restrictions in Easingwold town centre and the provision of a park & ride facility from Easingwold Business Park to York.
6.4 White Rose Update - June 2015: Copies of the addendum to The Good Councillor's Guide and An 8-step guide to Responding to Planning Applications will be obtained for each councillor.
7. Reports from Council's Representatives:
Highways: Parapet repairs to Elphin Bridge are now complete but highway repairs in preparation for future surface dressing on Malton Street and The Nookin are still awaited.
Footpaths: NYCC have confirmed that they will inspect the overgrown public right of way between the Nookin and the Recreation Area (Path number 10.70/1/1) and take action as required.
Recreation Area: The request for a key to the pavilion from the ladies tennis group was approved. Following a complaint about the MUGA, options for alternative surfaces will be investigated.
Neighbourhood Watch: There have been numerous incidents reported in Thormanby and parishioners and encouraged to report anything suspicious to their co-ordinators or the Police on 101.
8. Reports from County/District Councillor:
As Cllr C Patmore was not in attendance, no reports were given.
9. Date and Time of Next Meeting:
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th September at 7.30p.m. in Husthwaite Village Hall