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Apple Pickers Wanted!


From now until the end of October, we need apple pickers in the village to collect the fruit from village orchards and gardens.

The fruit is used to make cider by our local volunteers at Orchards of Husthwaite. This cider is then sold to raise funds to improve the village, everything from new church doors to a new village notice board, or to support other work such as the drama group or the Orchard Village Club. Over £20,000 has been given back to the village over the last 3 years for these projects.

Mark Gambles is organising the picking, which usually takes place on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to join in and give a couple of hours help, please contact Mark on 869004 or turn up at the village green at 10.00 on a Saturday. The new Village Hall fund is also benefitting from this year's harvest, being paid for every crate that the pickers take in.

There are lots and lots of unpicked apples every year just lying on the ground - a terrible waste. If you can't join a team but are willing to pick apples in your own garden, please contact Mark and he will arrange to take them to the pressing. (No mouldy apples please though the odd bruise does not matter!)