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The new hall needs you


The Village hall committee would like help in how the inside of the hall should look.

We would like to form working groups in the following areas:

Hall, comittee room, kitchen and landscaping (including the green roof)

Some people have already indicated an interest and we are keen that as many people as possible take part.

If you want to get involved please tel: 868667 or email:

Once organised the group can elect a chair and begin the process.

Below is an indication of what a brief might look like.
For the interior it would involve:

1) Sounding out opinion in the village.
2) Funding requirements and funding available
3) Detailing a list of current uses. User group templates.
4) How to respond to the different requirements of user groups.
5) Visiting similar village halls to find out what works and what does not.
6) Talking to specialists concerning equipment and layout.
7) The MOST important task: Real creativity in trying to work out what new and exciting uses the hall could be used for! It is not exclusively an entertainment venue. It is a space for talks, group activities displays and other uses we cannot think of yet.

Following the above the group would provide a written report to the committee that outlined the key priorities needed for that area.

The report need not necessarily not involve a plan but detail on, for example, accessibility, sustainability and levels of equipment needed.

As in all aspects of the hall, the relevant experts employed determine the final decisions. They are professionally responsible and, crucially, they are accountable if things go wrong!