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Akinyi, a novel by Richard Wood


Fresh from his triumph in 'It Runs in the Family', Richard Wood has finally found a way to remember his lines. He has put them in a book! Actually he has put them into 328 pages and the result is impressive.

Many, many years ago, in his youth, Richard worked in Kenya and this provided him with the inspiration to develop an idea he had there into a book.

The book encompasses the difficult decisions our children have to make and will resonate with anyone who has experience in education.

The central characters are Akinyi and Brendan. Akinyi is ambitious to be a teacher and return to her native Kenya. Brendan is a darker character, in trouble both in and out of school. He is, however, capable of perceptive insights and captivates Akinyi with his intuitive understanding of her innermost anxieties.

Richard draws on all his experience to write this novel through the eyes of a young girl.  A difficult task he manages effortlessly.

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Lawrie Hill