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The story underneath appeared a few days ago but now we can confirm that the Lottery have given the Village Hall £35,000.

The finace is to fund Architects fees, planning permissions and a whole range of surveys.

The sum is indicative of how close we are to receiving final funding! 

We sent in our Stage Two bid in November to the Big Lottery, for funds to build a new village hall. They contacted us just before Christmas and went through it all in very fine detail. Then we heard that it had gone to the Lottery Committee that makes the decision, last week.
Finally, on the 25th January, the email came and it was the best news we could have wished for. We've got through to the final stage. We have been asked to put in a Stage Three application for the funding. That's the big one, with full details about every aspect of what a new hall would look like (architect's plans, surveys, full costings etc), what the village intends to do with it and how we plan to manage the building process and the life of the new hall afterwards.

We have six months to get the whole application ready. There will be much hard work and thinking to share out. But to get this far we have come a long way through a very complicated process and we're much nearer to the end.
It could still all come to nothing. We can still be rejected, right up to the last minute but people are telling us that it's a hopeful sign that we have got through to this stage.

There will be much more information to send out about the application. We will get that organised, once we receive the paper version of the invitation to apply.
This looks as if it could be an interesting period, with the real possibility of a wonderful new building for the village, to replace the one that has done so well over almost 100 years.

The Village Hall Committee