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Husthwaite Reading Group


Husthwaite Reading Group will be meeting on the first Friday of the month.

The first meeting is on Friday March 2nd at 2. 00 pm at the village pub which will provide tea and cake at a cost of £3 per person

This month's book is:
‘A Place of Secrets' by Rachel Hore plus other reads that you have enjoyed
April's book is ‘Case Histories' by Kate Atkinson

Please let Lesley Seaman (868653 or if you are interested so the right amount of cake can be provided by Wednesday 29th Feb

Further Information is below

Following an exploratory discussion on Tuesday 7th February the group decided that a wide variety of books would be discussed but nothing too highbrow, more on the lines of those selected by Richard and Judy. It is the intention of the group to draw up a list of books for each month, for the year.

The first part of the meeting will take the format of an introduction of the monthly book (a little bit about the author, a brief résumé of the plot and the reason why it was chosen) the group will then discuss their views about it. This part of the meeting is expected to last approximately 20 minutes depending on how the group feels.

During the second part of the meeting other books that group members have enjoyed will be recommended. It is anticipated that the group will meet for about an hour.

It is hoped, eventually, that by pre planning the book of the month a community loan scheme can be tapped into from the local library. This means that up to 10 copies of the book can be pre ordered and borrowed for possibly up to two months.

Meanwhile if you cannot manage to borrow March or April's books and have to buy a copy of the book try Oxfam, Amazon or a second hand internet site such as which has a good choice of second hand books for £3.75 including package and posting.

If you are interested in joining the group then please let me know (Lesley Seaman) everyone is very welcome.