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Burns Night


Saturday the 21st of January saw the annual Burns Supper take place in the Village Hall.

It was our first time. Unsure of what to expect we were greeted by piper Mike Almond to a hall resplendent in blue and white with fairy lights a plenty. Tables decorated with beautiful flower arrangements, and dance cards waiting.

The evening started off with the traditional presentation of the Haggis, followed by the address and the Selkirk Grace all performed with great aplomb by Brian Watts - then of course the eating of the little critter!

Food was followed by a hilarious Yorkshire take on the address to the Haggis by David Aspinall and BrianWatts followed by an equally funny joint address to the lasses and reply by Will and Sheila Mowatt - (I'm not sure we will ever live down the coriander on Christmas Eve event!)

After clearing the hall, dance cards were checked and partners prised from the bar ready for the Welcome Reel - The dancing was accompanied by The Fiddler of Helperby while Brain calling our steps kept those of us who had missed all the practices just about in time and in the right place. Although it's true to say I shall need an awful lot more practice before I master dancing Strip The Willow (my apologies to the rest of our group)-I don't think we've danced or laughed so much in a long time.

A huge thanks goes to the team that organised this event, it was superbly staged and faultlessly run, we shall look forward to next year, with a mental note to wear flat shoes and perhaps practice a little more first.

Anabel Kennedy

Photograph: Brain Watt