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Attention Dog Walkers


When walking your dogs on one of the many beautiful footpaths and bridalways we are lucky enough to have access to here in and around the Husthwaite please keep your dogs on their leads, especially when you see a sign asking you to do so by the landowner.

There is a reason for it.....!

At Baxby Manor, for example, we spend a lot of time and effort creating and maintaining wildlife habitats around the farm and have a lot of song-birds, small birds and many ground-nesting birds. For the bees, butterflies and bugs we have planted 30-meter nectar-rich margins around our fields and either left the middle of the fields to fallow or planted a bird seed mix that supports birds over the winter. Many of you may have seen these, if you haven't then please come down and have a look-see what wildlife you can spot! So far we've seen Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting, Whitethroat, Deer, Woodpeckers and Barn Owls to name but a few!

However(!).....,our efforts are futile when the wildlife is constantly disturbed when dogs are permitted by their owners to run-free through the hedge-backs and wild areas, or through any area/field that they're not supposed to be in. This includes down our farm lanes past Baxby Manor House.

Thank you for your compliance and understanding. �

Barney Smith