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Jigsaw Joy


When I saw that Laura Aspinall had kindly offered to run a jigsaw loan scheme in the village to support villagers who were in isolation, I did not immediately think of asking her for one.

2 months later I began to change my mind. I remembered how we often had one on the go in the house when I was growing up and in fact some years ago Lawrie had given me a clever jigsaw roll for Christmas. This allows you to move a semi completed puzzle from room to room.

Laura sent me a catalogue. A catalogue! Now this is serious. I chose a 1000 piece view of Staithes which was then left out for me having been duly sanitised by Laura.

I immersed myself in the puzzle as soon as it arrived. So far the edges are complete and I am beginning the laborious task of sorting bits of sky as distinct from sea, bricks as distinct from roof tiles etc.

Why are jigsaws so appealing? There are many recognised benefits: improving problem solving and fine motor skills, harnessing brain power, improving memory and resilience to name but a few. Above all doing a jigsaw can be a very social activity. Who can actually walk past one without chipping in?

So whether you work in splendid isolation or find yourself joined by others in the house it is a positive worthwhile experience.

Get in touch with Laura (868155) and ask to see the catalogue!

Mary Hill