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Husthwaite Village Photo Competition Results!


The Village made a fantastic response to the 'Lockdown' Photo Competition and Jonathan Pow has judged 1, 2 & 3 in two age groups with a short comment. He also the the overall quality of images was excellent!

I would like to thank Jonathan for judging and if any of the winners could email him at it would be good.

First: Hannah Nichols - Lovely moment captured, very natural and well composed

Second: Marion Clark - I quite like the Britishness of this still life, complete with union jack flags and panama hats

Third:  Mike Wells - Funny and pretty well composed - a bit of a wildcard as a few others were good too

Under 12s:
First:  Evelyn Nichols - A natural bit of lifestyle photography, nice moment captured

Second: Bethan Simpson - Well composed and a nice close-up

Third: Arthur Nichols - Pretty damn good for a 4 year old! Nice bit of still life

There was only one entry fro the 12-18 age group and that was from Cara-Beth McCallum.  Many thanks to her for making the effort to take part.
Her two photos were very good and I would like to think they would have won anyway!

Marion Clark: Our French Bistro  
Mike Wells: One day I will be out!  
Under 12's  
Evelyn Nichols age 6 : My family  
Bethan Simpson age 10: Stay at Home - Save Lives - and Bake!  
Arthur Nichols age 4: Wellingtons  
Cara-Beth McCallum age 15: Flower O'May