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Husthwaite Village Photo Competition


The competition is open to anyone living in or around Husthwaite.

The Theme, oddly enough is:  Life in Lockdown

There are three age groups: Under 12, 12 to 17, 18 and over.

Closing Date: Sunday, April 12th

The underlying aim is to make as many people in the village make a photographic record of some aspect of home life during this difficult period.

Please encourage your children to participate

The competition is kindly being judged by Jonathan Pow. He is a professional photographer who regularly contributes to national and local newspapers. (including The Yorkshire Post).

Because we want to create a level playing field and not disadvantage the novice photographers, the competition is open only to photographs taken with a mobile phone or tablet.

The use of photo editing software or apps is not allowed . The only exception to this to adjust brightness and contrast as well as cropping the image.

All photographs will be displayed here on our village gallery .

Fantastic prizes!!!!

Under 12 - A Breakaway Chocolate Biscuit*
Under 18 - A Thickly Coated Golf chocolate Biscuit*
Over 18 - A Whole, Unused and Quilted Toilet Roll or Small Packet of Pasta

• A wholesome and nutritional Carrot can be substituted on parental request.

Although your photos may be serious, it's not compulsory.

The main idea is just to have some fun!

How to Enter and Guidlines

  • Entering is easy! You can send me the photographs to: via It is free and you do not need to register. There is a space there to enter your details. I will reply to confirm I have received it.
  • If you are aged 17 or under please use your parent's email address
  • Please make sure that the image you upload is a JPEG and the highest quality image you have.
  • Give each photo a title and write a description. 
  • Clean the lens !
  • Avoid using the zoom - by adjusting the zoom you are affecting the quality and pixels within the image. You can adjust or crop your photo afterwards without affecting the quality.
  • Please don't leave it until the last minute to upload your photos.

If anything is unclear please contact me via or phone: 868667

You can download all the information above as a PDF file here