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Tomahawk Steakhouse Update


Like everyone else I was not surprised when the Plum & Partridge closed.  It had died and come back many times over the past years and the current lingering death was painful.  There has been an understandable doubt over every incarnation but too often accompanied with unwarrented cynicism which certainly played some part in repeated failures.

There is no doubt that much of the pubs failures were self inflicted.  Packed opening nights when beer and food were free gradually led to dwindling support.  A hard core of customers tried hard but criticism spread and the village indicated that any sort of pub, like the shop, would struggle.
Friends who have lived in the village for 30 years freely admitted that they have never dined in the pub but regulary eat at the Carlton and other eateries. Perhaps understandable as there is excellent choice around our village that has rarely been matched by any of our previous village pubs.

So what of Tomahawk? Well first of all, any research into their other premises shows a business thatgets things right.  Google "Tomahawk Steakhouses" at Potto, Yarm, Newcastle and look at what they offer.  Look at the reviews and the menus.  Brilliant!

All indications are that they will bring customers to the village and therefore create the food and ambience that will pull us in.

Correspondence with them show they have listened to opinion from us (the first time!) and are making changes. The eating area has been extended and a place just fro drinks will be enclosed.The unseatable seats that want to dislodge you have been changed to a more comfortable type.

The new enlarged seats can be seen next to the cow in the lead picture.

Don't worry, the cow will be outside on the new decking.  Just Love it!!

Here is a copy of the last email:  

"We are aiming to be open around the 5th April , which is good news !
We are going to do a “free of charge” offer for your mailing list which will be a 2 course dinner offer* from the “early bird menu” this is on the web site :
This will be available Monday to Thursday from 4:30pm - 6:30pm.
Hope that sounds ok ?
I have attached a couple of builders photos showing progress and the new colours that we have using so the dreaded lilac has now gone !! 

*To claim your free meal you need to be on the mailing list and simply show one of the emails.  I did warn him that over 500 are on the list but he was more than happy to accomodate that number!

If by any chance you are not on the list you can subscribe on the right column on home page and download the last newsletter.