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When the latest newsletter pops through your letterbox you will find an article that celebrates the 100th Edition of the Village Newsletter.  It will detail the early origins with Richard Wood and how it was sustained via PC, VH and Husthwaite Village Trust and Jan Coulthard.  Both have done a magnificent job.

This website also celebrates its 10th anniversery of providing a source of information for and about the village.

I have kept an archive of village newsletters on the site which have been available since Jan took charge and they can be viewed on the website in full colour.

In order to incorpotate the early newsletters Richard Wood has passed them over in digital format.  As they are in an old format and the conversion to PDF has been problematic.  Some could not be converted but the majority have been done.
There are slight layout issues but they are an interesting resource for how the village was  16 years ago.

Select 'Village Newsletters' on the right hand column and you will view links to all the newsletters available.

As newsletters are uploaded in date order the sequence has been put out of your best :-)