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An appeal for art deco furniture and objet's d'art


Next February, summer will come to the Village Hall in the form of Noel Coward's wittiest play, Hay Fever.

The play is cast, the players have started rehearsing, there is a set design and construction is underway, but as yet there is no furniture or props. The set design is Art Deco, because the play was written in 1925, the year of the Paris exhibition where the Art Deco movement was established. The production company are looking for the loan of furniture to suit.

We need a two-seater sofa, a dining table and four chairs and, hopefully, a wind-up gramophone. We are looking for household items like tea and breakfast services, 2 coffee pots, a table cigarette lighter, a cigarette box and a number of period suitcases. Maybe someone might have some 1920s vintage clothes?

If anyone can help, the company would be very grateful: please send an email to Thank you!