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Whisky Tasting @ Husthwaite


On Friday 19th October we held our first Whisky Tasting evening in Husthwaite Village Hall. An idea that had been brewing (or distilling!) for quite some time by the Whisky hardliners in the village. Namely; Brian Watt, Will Mowatt, Simon Eedle and Craig Colton. Their idea was to celebrate the amber nectar that is Scottish Whisky and show just how much single malt Scotch Whisky is as wonderfully diverse as the terroir in the country it comes from. Over thirty people joined the event. Some chose not to taste, but simply enjoy the "story" and smell of each Malt selected for the evening. One of our youngest attendees, Kerry Barker, kindly shared her thoughts on the evening;

"Other than probably quite a bad headache the next day I wasn't really sure what to expect upon arriving at the Village Hall on a cold Friday evening for whisky tasting.

The evening began with an introduction as to how whisky was made and even a mini science lesson too thanks to Brian Watt!

There were 5 different whiskies to taste and with each one we were taken to a different place in Scotland and given a brief history of how it was made and how it was different from the previous whisky.

At the end a 'mystery' whisky was handed out and we had to make our own tasting notes using the knowledge we had learnt throughout the evening, the one with the most accurate answers won a prize - well done Ewan and Liz!

A big thank you to all the organisers for a very fun yet informative evening as clearly a great deal of thought and effort was put in.... maybe gin for the next one?"

Thank you to Brian, Will, Simon and Craig for a most enjoyable evening, they are already hatching a plan for another whisky based event! A big thank you to Kerry for sharing her thoughts and to all who came.