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Parking in the Village


The Parish Council have sent a timely reminder in our newsletter to be aware of how and where we park.  Also to put our cars off road if possible.

They rightly stress that it is for the safety of children especially around the school and we should heed their good advice.

We all agree with that but, perhaps, the greatest danger to children is how and where parents park. This is especially dangerous around the school and the bends leaving the village.  The school is a vital part of our community and we support them in the best way forward to minimise risk.

The parish council also contacted farms around our village last year regarding the speeds farm vehicles reach in the village.....unfortunatly the response was poor.

We would like to support  the PC's initiative; PC councillor, Craig Colton writes:
"Hopefully doing this can make a safe village for all of us and prevent us having to review or investigate a serious accident to an innocent person or damage to someone’s vehicle."