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Summary of draft minutes of Husthwaite Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 16th January 2018


Present: C. Fenwick (Chair), C. Colton (CC), P. Fox (PF), E. Smith (ES), Jan Coulthard (Clerk), Tom Carter, Ben Duffield, Richard Duffield.

Apologies. P. Escreet (working), B. Smith (family commitments), Cllr C Patmore (Crayke PC meeting).
Paul Escreet has written to the PC stating that he has decided to resign as a Parish Councillor because of work commitments. The Council members regretfully accepted his decision and requested that a letter be sent thanking Paul for all his efforts. The Clerk will inform HDC of his resignation and details of the election process for a new member will be published on the village noticeboard in due course
Declarations of interest: NONE.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting: The minutes were approved and signed as a true record.
3.Matters Arising:
Co-option of Parish Councillor: No expressions of interest in the casual vacancy have been received since the last meeting. Therefore another notice requesting applications from eligible persons who wish to be considered for co-option will be placed on the PC Noticeboard and in the newsletter.
Enforcement of Planning Laws:
Sunley Woods Farm: The enforcement order is in place and runs until the end of February.
Bye Green Holdings hours of working: Helen Conti has informed the PC that the alleged breach of working hours conditions is still under investigation by HDC.
Fracking in North Yorkshire:
An Examination in Public, by a government appointed inspector, of the NYCC's response will take place starting on 27th February. Husthwaite PC received an invitation to send a representative to the enquiry, but the PC, together with the 32 other members of the Easingwold and Villages Community Forum, support the South Hambleton Shale Gas Advisory Group's participation on their behalf. PF ( who will attend the hearing along with Chris Stratton from Oulston) said that the Inspector will consider the merits of the written submissions before sending round questionnaires asking for evidence to support these submissions. PF will report back to Husthwaite PC.
Emergency Planning:
CC is circulating an Emergency Planning document for all council members to consider. Also
CC is sending to NYCC Community Resilience Team for an Emergency Kit for the village, and for a copy of their individual plans for each household in the village.
Battle's Over - A Nation's Tribute:
CF is to contact an insurance company about PC insurance cover concerning the planned bonfire on Beacon Bank during the celebration.
MUGA Surface:
CF is to ask the grass cutting contractor to brush off moss both before and after mossicide treatment of the MUGA surface.
4.Matters that have arisen between meetings:
4.1 Grass Cutting Contract: Farm & Land Services have offered to extend the grass cutting contract for a further two years at a cost of £130 + VAT per cut. As this is only £2 more per cut than the current contract, and still a lot cheaper than the other quotes received two years ago, it was agreed to accept their offer and extend the contract until October 2019.
4.2 Kendrew Green Cutting Regime: Keith Gittens has requested a continuation of the revised cutting regime on Kendrew Green for 2018 and offered to contact the AONB to organise cutting dates by its volunteers. This was agreed by the PC.
5. Planning Matters: Please see the PC website for details
6. Finance Report: Please see the PC website for details
7. Circulated Items That May Be Of Interest To The Council:
Parish Portal: The Clerk was requested to enrol Husthwaite Parish Council on the Parish Portal which will then enable councillors to report highways and street lighting problems online.
A Data Protection Officer is likely to be needed, according to government information. It may be possible that one could be appointed to work for several parish councils. The officer should be in post by May, but the remit and scope of this post has yet to be decided at a district level. It is likely that neither PC members nor clerks can be appointed..
8.Reports from Council's Representatives:
Village Hall: The VH committee were in discussions with St Nicholas Church regarding starting a 100 Club as a joint venture. The chair trolley has been ordered. There is the
possibility of a farm produce stall on Thursday evenings in the village hall car park. Coming events include the Film Club on 23rd January, Burns Night on 27th January, Pop Up Pub on 2nd February and Cinderella Pantomime 28th February to 2nd March.
Easingwold & Villages Forum: PF attended the last meeting, at which the speaker was Panda Gledhill, a development worker for S.Hambleton. She said Husthwaite was identified as an example, with its youth club, for other villages to follow .
Easingwold and Villages Community Plan was approved with the addition of a clause to protect the local economy in case of problems arising from Shale Gas extraction.
Next meeting on 22nd February 2018 in Galtres Centre
YLCA: Next meeting on 28th February 2018 at Northallerton Town Hall
HDC Parish Liaison Meeting: Next meeting in May 2018
Public Footpaths: The footpath on Beacon Banks which was reported as ploughed over by a contractor will be restored, according to the farmer, Mr Houlston.
Highways: There have been complaints about the poor state of Highthorne Lane, and the Amplecarr to A19 road. The PC will report these to Highways, but parishioners are encouraged to write in to NYCC Highways Department themselves to reinforce the complaint.
Street Lighting: All street lights in the village are currently working.
Neighbourhood Watch: There has been a recent spate of bicycle thefts in the area. Pinching purses from bags in the Thirsk and Ripon area has also been reported. In addition a number of cars were broken into last weekend (including one in Husthwaite) and items were stolen - the police are reminding people NOT to leave valuables in vehicles.
9. Reports from County/District Councillor Caroline Patmore:
As Cllr C Patmore was not in attendance, no reports were given.
10. Date and Time of Next Meeting:
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 7.30p.m. in Husthwaite Village Hall.