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November Thoughts: Parking & Tractors


Firstly, parking in the village has been a particular cause for concern for some people and has been raised again in the latest newsletter.

It was reported that some people were parking cars in front of other people's houses. Although this may be annoying to some it is, in fact within the law.  Some found it annoying enough to check if vehicles were taxed. Some were not.

Following this I was informed that some felt it worthwhile to do more checks. Further internet detective work had ascertained a white van at the green is not registered to Mr Bramley (name changed to protect Cameron) It is registered to his son-in-law, a Mr Pippin who actually lives in Thirsk!!!

Well, it just so happens that I know what is causing a parking build up around the Green is not a white van or untaxed vehicles. 

Parking is a problem on Sunday is worse for Christenings and Funerals and, well, when there is a Wedding, Waitrose delivery service is disrupted and artisan bread goes out the window.

Yes, it is the CHURCH!! to abiding citizens attending a place of worship.

There is another section of the community disturbed by residents' parking - those who drive large agricultural vehicles at speed through the village.

At the top of High Street these vehicles have been free to lacerate pavements on both sides of the road but are  restricted to one side when they meet parked cars.  Their choice is either to slow down or maintain speed and mount the pavement. The latter being the popular choice.

These anonymous chariots (and illegal without number plates!) with medieval weapons on the front, a trailer full of potatoes on the back and driven by turnips, have taken revenge by gouging the side of one car (allegedly) as they thunder through our village.

The tractors, however, meet their match at the end of the village by the school. There, on the bend, other turnips park their cars to minimise the length of time it takes them to drop their children off at school. There, the tractors slow down to near their legal speed limit. This either 20 or 25 mph depending on width.  Follow this link, for up to date regulations.  They then depart, widening and damaging roads wherever they go.

The Parish Council has done their best. In 2016 they raised concerns with the police , asking for help regarding speeding tractors. They also wrote a letter to nearby farmers asking them to be more considerate. There has been no evidence of either police or farmers doing anything.

This is a rural community and farming activities are to be understood and welcomed as an important part of life. The truth is however, tractors are now powerful machines that are not overly maneuverable at speed.

In my own view (and others) this is more of a concern than the parking issue.