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Meet Your New Village Hall Committee


Another year goes by and another anxious AGM comes around where we hope to attract enough volunteers to carry on the great work already done by past and present Village Hall Committees!

The wait is over and we are pleased to see that many of our elected members have decided to carry on for another year; Lynn Colton, Sheila Mowatt, Annabel Kennedy and Sandie Davison have all volunteered to continue into 2018.

We are even more delighted to welcome three new willing and very able members of the community to this year's committee, some very familiar to us all, some less so, they are; Gill Allanson, Simon Eedle and Steve Broughton. It's great to have Gill back on the committee, her commitment to the community is outstanding, a familiar face at many events and activities (although mostly in the kitchen!). Simon and Steve are relatively new to the village; they both say that one of the attractions to Husthwaite was the amount of "stuff" that goes on and the friendliness of everyone they meet.

They are both huge supporters of various hall events, often seen in the Pop Up Pub or Film Club and pretty much everything else! They bring some great experience, energy and new ideas to a well-established group. Together with Carol Fenwick (Parish Council Representative), the enormous support given by John Ovenston (Buildings Manager) and the creativity of the Events Team, this makes up your Village Hall Team for the 2017/18 financial year.

At the same time we must also accept losing a few of our longer standing committee members: Jeremy Walker, Angie Sibley and Stephen Barker. We would like to thank them for their commitment and contribution over a number of years! Jeremy joined in 2013 and is always a willing volunteer for anything from landscaping to guttering. Angie joined in 2014 as Treasurer; we greatly appreciate Angie's guiding hand on the finances. That leaves Stephen Barker. Stephen is stepping down after 42 continuous years' service!

We asked Stephen to share a few memories of his time in the village and as an active member of the village hall committee:
"I joined in 1975 aged 18 and all I wanted to see was a continuation of the community spirit which I remember from being born and brought up the village. Looking back, the late 1960's and 1970's was a time when Husthwaite changed from being chiefly an agriculturally centred village. Those years saw quite a bit of development with new houses springing up and with it the welcome arrival of new people who brought fresh ideas and impetus to village matters. I recall another reason for me showing an interest in joining the committee was because of the prospect of a new Village Hall replacing our WW1 Army Building whichmany of us remember with warmth and nostalgia. It only took 39 years for that new hall to materialise. We now have what is acknowledged from far and wide to be ‘The finest village hall in North Yorkshire'.

Although I have stood down from the committee I will always be prepared to help in any way to support the activities of the hall and further the community spirit which to me is key to its long term future and success. I have worked with some great people over the years and made many friends. I believe with the people on the Village Hall Committee and Events Team now in place that things are going from strength to strength".

Finally, a thank you to the village hall committees both past and present, our many volunteers and to everyone in the village that help makes Husthwaite Village Hall the community hub it strives to be"