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Plum & Partridge Review


The Yorkshire Evening Post has published an insightful review of our pub written by Simon Jenkins.

The piece outlines the excellent quality of the food and drink but the following statement will strike a chord with some of the villagers:

....and yet, lovely as this all was, I do sense that the Plum and Partridge has missed a significant opportunity. A village pub should be the beating heart of the community, the place where folk come for a pint after work, to meet their friends, to chat, to socialise, and - if you'll forgive the word - to enjoy some banter at the bar.

And I'm sure all these things are allowed, but the Plum and Partridge is not set up to accommodate them. There's really nowhere to sit without feeling you're in the dining room, or where your conversation would not intrude. Just one change, and this could be an absolute winner."

Although this was written when Jacek was the manager it highlights issues which have yet to be resolved.

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