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News From Husthwaite School & Appletree Nursery


It was lovely to welcome children and families back after their summer break. Staff have been busy over the summer making some big changes to school and it was positively noted by parents that the school has taken on a ‘new feel'.


As mentioned previously, key changes this year are staffing. We welcome Mr Barwick into class 1 who will teach children in nursery, reception and Year 1 with the help of Mrs Fielding, Mrs Collins and Ms Lennie. Miss Goodchild has moved into class 2 and will teach Years 2/3/4 assisted by Mrs Dunn, Mrs Price and Mrs Gale. And finally we welcome Mr Chapman into Class 3 who will teaching Years 5/6 with the help of Ms Wilkie. However, change hasn't stopped with staff - classrooms have also undergone significant transformations with the changing of teachers and their year groups as well as the first phase of the school library's refurbishment being completed over summer also (even the staffroom has changed!).


We are holding an open day on Saturday 14th September from 10am-12noon. Please do come along to see the changes and meet the staff. This is also an ideal time for those who are starting to look for school placements for their children starting a reception class next September. Everyone is welcome.


Children are now able to start school at 8.00am through our before school provision. This has been welcomed by parents and is proving to be a popular addition to services offered at school


Pupils at our school are encouraged to adopt a growth mindset philosophy in order to achieve their learning goals through personal effort and persistence. This has obviously had an impact on one particular pupil who has successfully published his first book. Nine year old Benedikt Isfeld Benediktsson has achieved local fame with the publication of his book - ‘ The Pig Who Wanted to get to The Moon' . Benedikt's story was initially written for a task set by his teacher, Mr Chapman, for the BBC's 500 word story competition. The story has an underlying message to encourage children to have confidence in themselves endorsing the school's growth mindset philosophy.

Benedikt's mother is incredibly proud of her son's achievement. Benedikt self-published his book and is showing great enterprise by already planning a series of stories to follow on including a special Christmas edition with stickers.

Benedikt is unfazed by his success. He said "I'm really proud of my book. I'm looking forward to writing the other books in the series".

Benedikt launched his book during the summer holidays at a book signing session in Thirsk. He will be holding another book signing session at the school's open morning on Saturday 14th October. His favourite author is Roald Dahl and David Williams. Benedikt said it would be amazing if David Williams was able to attend the school's open morning so that he could present him with a signed edition of his book - that would be amazing for the school too!!

We shall be starting weekly ‘stay and play' toddler sessions for pre-school children commencing 28th September. This will take place every Thursday between 9 and 10/10.30am. Mr Barwick, pupils and staff would love you to join them for this free session and look forward to welcoming you.
There are still some vacant places for nursery offering full and part day care from 3 to 30 hours per week. Please enquire at the school office.


We will be holding our harvest festival at school on the morning of Wednesday 18th October at 9.10am Members of the community are welcome to join us for this celebration.


Our next Bags2School collection will take place on 8th November at 9am. All unwanted items of clothes, handbags, shoes, belts and soft toys can be brought to school in dustbin bags before 9am on 8th November or the day before. This is a great recycling facility that raises funds for school and helps others in need. The last collection raised £76 for our School Fund.

For further details of our school please visit our website: or phone the office 01347 868371