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Prospective New Houses in Husthwaite


Last year Hambleton asked for any proposals from landowners in Husthwaite if they had any land that may be developed for houses. This was in line with the Village Plan.

Proposals for housing opposite the school and behind Walnut House in The Nookin were declared a 'not a preferred site'.

There is now a proposal for 60 Houses in the area delineated in the image below. Hambleton has sent various agencies to look at the site, including highways to assess the suitability for building and their conclusion was as follows:

Development would not be prominent in significant views towards the settlement. Whilst the site is partly adjacent to existing built development, development at the proposed scale and location would have negative impact on character and form of settlement. Loss of this open area and its subsequent development could harm elements which contribute to the significance of the Conservation Area and could affect setting of Grade II Listed Buildings on the northern edge of the site. Not a Preferred Site.

Although Hambleton is not in favour, developments can and has gone through on this basis if inhabitants do not express a view. We all have an interest in how our village develops and in this case it is important to voice your thoughts whether for or against.

The Parish Council has not yet discussed this but the feeling is that they are very concerned about the scale and impact of this proposal.

The major obstical to expressing an opinion is the difficulty of doing it and the hurdles Hambleton have put up.

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