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Plum & Partridge Good News


The Plum and Partridge is nearing completion and it looks excellent!

There is a new set of photographs up here  on the pubs Facebook page and the initial impression is of high quality.

The manager, Jacek Sliwinski, came to the pop up pub Friday evening and talked to everyone there. As with other Ainsty Inn pubs there was a clear wish to work closely with the community as Jacek answered questions relating to all aspects of what to expect from the menus to guest beers.

Reassuring for a lot of people is the fact there will be a will be a high quality innovative menu as well as 'home comfort' choices with with the much wished for 'fish and chips'

The opening date is well under wraps but hopefull within weeks rather than months.  The best way to find out more on the Plum & partridge is not to read here about it but turn up at the venue and sample the food and drink yourselves.

More background information can be seen here