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Film Club Thursday 15th September - Macbeth


Across a war torn and unforgiving Scottish landscape, fearless warrior and inspiring leader Macbeth returns home. Having encountered 3 witches on the bloody battlefields, they foretell of a prophecy that he shall be the next king. Spurred on by his beautiful but impatient wife, their ambition and thirst for power soon leads to murder, bloodshed and madness. With Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard as Lord and Lady Macbeth, two of Shakespeare's most loved and hated characters, from the Bard's "Scottish Play".......

Click on link below to watch trailer.

NEXT MONTH - "Wolfpack"

Film Club is Free to members, non members only £3
Membership £12 per year
(£10 for under 18 & over 65)
Half year memberships available from August
Bar open from 7.00pm