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Husthwaite Film Club Funding Success!


Husthwaite Film Club has been awarded a brand new high quality projector (5200 Lumen) from the British Film Institute (BFI) Neighbourhood Cinema initiative, worth over £3,000!
The Neighbourhood Cinema initiative forms part of the BFI's Film Forever plan, focused on supporting small community cinema's across the UK, through equipment funding or general advice and mentoring on running a local cinema.
To be eligible, we had to show that we provide a community service, have a steady and regular number of attendees and include British and Specialised films in our programme. Our recent short film feature was of particular interest to the funders and following a rigorous process, (including short interview!), we were duly awarded our new projector.
The projector is designed to give a better quality cinema experience and is planned to be installed ready for our 11th August showing of "Slow West" - set in the 1870's with some beautiful scenery from the American Wild West.
Thanks to all the Husthwaite Film Club members and regular attendees for your ongoing support that have made this possible. Special thanks to Mike Wells for his technical support in the selection process and to John Ovenston who, along with Mike, will oversee the projectors installation in the hall. Oh...and to Margaret Hewitson for the tip off on the BFI funding opportunity that started this all off many months ago, THANKYOU!

Sheila Mowatt