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"Thankyou for the Music" ......ABBA


Who would have thought re-creating 1973 in all its glory would draw such a crowd to the village hall. Our sing-a-long Mamma Mia evening was as much a hit as "Waterloo", the Eurovision winner which first propelled Abba into the spotlight. The hall was packed with Abba "fans", all come to watch the movie and join in with the spirit of the evening (at only £6 a bottle!). The film was incidental really, merely a backdrop and excuse for some of the audience (erm....the organisers) to dress up for the occasion. Some even went as far to say they had hired their outfits for the evening......ha ha, that wasn't fooling anyone Mary! The free Ouzo brought back a few memories for one guest in particular; was it Greek holidays of past, sun kissed beaches, a warm breeze from the Mediterranean.......not quite, it was the only spirit she could drink without her parents smelling it (you know who you are!)
With free Ouzo, Lemonade and Greek salad in hand the crowd settled down for the evening, and with no encouragement needed, participation came with the very first line of the film "I Have a Dream, a Song to Sing...." and didn't we just, every last word of every song was sung, which many knew by heart. And, of course, dancing was subtly encouraged!
The photo says it all.....although the faces have been changed to protect the innocent (their children's embarrassment!).
Thanks to Angie, Lynn & Craig, for helping behind the bar and to Annabel for the loan of the sing-a-long version of the DVD.
And a very big thank you to Mary & Lawrie for organising and anticipating the demand for a cheap, fun filled evening.
Watch this space, there may be a revival!