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Husthwaite Village Hall Business Plan


Thanks to the input and feedback from many of you, the Village Hall business plan for the next few years is now complete and available to everyone. Below you can find a summary of the key points; including purpose,  values, proposed improvements and the importance of Volunteers - the lifeblood of any village community.

Husthwaite Village Hall Business Plan -Summary

Charity and Management Structure
Husthwaite Village Hall is a registered charity with Husthwaite Parish Council as the Holding Trustee. The day to day running of the charity is managed by the Village Hall Committee (‘VHC'). The VHC is made up of 8 members, at least 4 of whom are elected by villagers. All members of the VHC are trustees of the village hall charity, which is registered with the Charity Commission.

Use of the Hall
The key objectives of the VHC are:
- To present a varied programme of activities to appeal across as wide a range as possible of the community
- To encourage participation and event leadership from other groups and individuals
The new village hall has been able to accommodate a wide range of provision in the two years since it opened with a significant increase in usage over the old hall.
Growing the Community Involvement
Ideas for new initiatives come from many sources and are developed by individuals or groups. Volunteers are at the heart of this process. We work together to do the preparatory work, make the event happen and then clear up afterwards. Getting involved makes the community stronger.
Purpose and Outcomes
The broad purpose of Husthwaite Village Hall is to provide a meeting place for members of the community. As part of the funding provided by the Big Lottery, specific aims were agreed for the village hall in encouraging support for, and the organisation and sharing of, activities for all ages in the village. These include organising social events and well-being activities which improve health and provide social contact for local residents, especially older people and helping young people to develop practical and social skills.
During 2013, the VHC developed a set of values that were agreed to form the basis of the committee working together to support the purpose. These were:
o To work effectively as a team;
o To run the village hall in a professional and organised manner;
o To make sure the village hall is open to all the Husthwaite community;
o Making the village hall a hub for the community.
Organising Volunteers
Volunteers are the lifeblood of the village hall now and will continue to be so in future. During 2015, the village hall relied on nearly 14,500 volunteer hours. Volunteers bring a huge variety of talent, skills and experience to the work of the village hall, but many people take their knowledge and skills for granted. Sharing this by helping with village hall events and activities is a very practical way of supporting the community and is a great way of being involved in it.
Activities and Clubs
The current range of activities will be taken forward and developed to encourage new users and targeted beneficiaries. In particular the VHC will:
o Continue to support and help the expansion of The Orchard Village Club (including Prime Time), leading to new activities, learning programmes etc.;
o Explore links with the University of the Third Age (U3A) movement;
o Develop start-up for IT and computer skills courses;
o Re-energise the local drama group, particularly involving younger people in live theatre;
o Re-launch exercise classes with taster sessions in Yoga and Zumba;
o Review activities for parents and pre-school children with the village school;
o Continue to support and help the development of the Youth Club;
o Develop activities for the under 21s: work placements, CV writing workshop, mock interviews, committee membership etc.;
o Re-establish ‘open mike' nights for local talent;
o Continue to support and develop The Book Exchange.
In addition to the activities and club meetings there is a varied planned programme of live performances, theatre and exhibitions together with a number of social functions during 2016, with outline plans for the following 24 months
Improving Facilities
Although the village hall is brand new, there are a number of aspects that require improvement and where further spending is required. As funds allow, the intention is to:
o Landscape the site;
o Install a wash hand basin in the kitchen;
o Improve the ventilation for the main hall;
o Install acoustic panels in the committee room;
o Install audio visual equipment in the committee room;
o Replace the hall chairs.
For more details including the full copy of the village hall's business plan go to and click on ‘village hall documents' or contact a member of the Village Hall Committee.