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Potholing in Husthwaite!


Gone Fishing! No, just making the most of a bad situation regarding the condition of the roads.
Many of you are aware of the deteriorating condition of the roads around Husthwaite. This has been made worse in recent months along Amplecarr towards the A19, due to the volume of heavy traffic involved in the construction of the Solar Farm (which Husthwaite does not financially benefit from).
If you are fed up with the state of the roads and the recent spate of road closures, you can make your point loud and clear by "Reporting a Pothole" direct to the NYCC.
To do so, follow the link below;

Anyone wishing to do so can quote case reference number - 101003351017 - this relates to a recent complaint regarding the Amplecarr road by Barney Smith. Will give extra oomph!