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Its Good to Talk....!


The Village Hall Committee have recently undertaken a review of its communication methods. The purpose of which is to maintain good internal and external communications in all that we try to do.

The result of this review is an agreed communication policy. The full details of the policy can be seen in the documents section of the Village Hall area of the website or by contacting Sheila on 01347 868196.

Your views and feedback are important to us, if you have anything you want to discuss with regards the Village Hall and its activities or ideas you want to put forward we would be very happy to hear them.

See below for contacts or please get in touch with any member of the Village Hall Committee.

- General issues or feedback - Sheila Mowatt or Lynn Colton (Communications Team)
- Events and Clubs New Ideas - Will or Sheila Mowatt (Events Team)
- Clubs Improvements - Lynn Colton (User Group Chair)

Thank you

Sheila Mowatt