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Pop Up Village Pub


For months now we have been without the village pub, it's been missed. The conversation, chance to unwind & relax, the opportunity to bump into friends (family) & neighbours as well the ability to have a few drinks and walk home safely. All have been missed.

So Will and myself decided what better opportunity to create something special than a "Pop up Pub" in the village hall.

Like all good projects the planning was essential so along with Mark and Jeremy we had a pilot night. Great fun but only 4 people left something to be desired. However, based on the strong pilot feedback, including from the ladies(!) we decided to arrange a full blown event.

The key ingredients as with any pub is the atmosphere, the fear the hall would be like a dentist waiting room with alcohol was a concern.

However far from it, for the evening in question, the hall lights were dimmed, tables laid out with table cloths, nibbles and candle lit. Keg beer as well as speciality bottled beer and wine were all on offer at incredibly cheap prices. There were games set out for those who wanted, including table football, cards, backgammon, and table tennis. The big screen was on but no one watched, as the chatter and conversation were flowing wonderfully between new friends and old. This all gave rise to a fantastic atmosphere for the 25 or so village folk who turned up.

All in all it was a wonderful evening and everyone present have requested a repeat. It would be great next time if even more of you that have miss having a quick pint or chat at the local come along. We have agreed to do the next one on 4 March.
Watch your local website and email for more information and don't miss it!

See you all there then and any ideas to enhance the event more please let me know.

Craig Colton.