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Road Closure and our local Solar Panel Farm.


Some of you will have noticed that the road to the A19 has become congested with construction vehicles and a rather muddy srface.

The photos were taken on Saturday without any of the vehicles.

Extra care is urged as a drop in temperatures will make the surface slippy.

Amplecarr will be closed from Feb 1st-15th,to allow for construction work associated with the project by Lightsource to install a solar panel farm. An alternative route to the A19 via North Moor Road will be signposted.

More information on the farm can be found here

Solar farm background

According to the design and access statement for Peter Hill 5MW solar farm submitted to HDC in February 2015, 'A community benefit fund of £1000 per/MW installed capacity each year for 20 years will be offered to the Raskelf Parish Council. This is an unconditional offer and does not require support from the parish council for the proposal, nor are they expected to withhold any objection.' therefore Raskelf will get £5000 per year for 20 years (I believe Caroline Patmore informed us of this when the planning application was approved by HDC.

In addition to this, since April 2013, local authorities have been able to keep all business rates generated by renewable energy schemes, rather than it being collected nationally. The business rates for solar farms are approximately £4000per/MW per annum, and thus approximately £20,000 per year for this proposal. In the case of this development 80% of the business rates will be kept by Hambleton District Council and 20% will go to North Yorkshire County Council.

So in conclusion, Raskelf and HDC benefited very well from this new solar farm and Husthwaite will get nothing.

Carol Fenwick

Chair of PC

What You Can Do

You can you call or email Lightsource and ask them how Husthwaite is benefitting from this solar farm?

Andrew Garraway.
He is the planner for Peter Hill Solar Farm.
His email is
Direct contact number is 0203 7252643