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Draught Excluder Campaign for Warmer Homes - Keeping homes toasty!


The Warm and Well in North Yorkshire charitable project, set up to bring warmth to cold homes and tackle rising rates of fuel poverty, has launched a new draught excluder campaign.

The campaign aims to encourage individuals and community groups to knit, sew and create draught excluders of any design. They will then be donated to people who are living in cold, draughty and inefficient homes to help ward off draughts and cold spots.

Fuel poverty affects over 26,000 households in North Yorkshire and is a contributing factor to an average of 431 excess winter deaths each year. Excess winter deaths are responsible for about 1 in 20 of all deaths per year and according to the Department of Health, across the UK 1 in 10 winter deaths are the result of fuel poverty.

Draught excluders can be great fun and help ward off some of the symptoms of cold homes - such as draughts and cold spots. For people who struggle to heat their homes, live in difficult to heat homes, or whose health may be suffering during the winter time, placed at an internal or external door, or even on a window ledge, draught excluders can make a valuable difference.

The campaign will aim to get draught excluders to those most at risk this winter as temperatures take a downturn, including over 75s or people with long term health conditions, those on low incomes, and families with young children. It will support people who live in rural areas where houses are often poorly-insulated and under-heated due to a high level of old building stock and higher energy prices.

If you are part of a knitting, sewing or craft group, or you're a dab hand with needle and thread then we'd love to hear from you!

"We are working with voluntary associations across North Yorkshire to knit as many draught excluders as we can, meaning we can keep homes just that little bit warmer this winter, which makes all the difference at this time of year.'

"This could be a fun activity for clubs, groups and individuals and there are hundreds upon thousands of free patterns available online.'

"The more draught excluders we knit, the more vulnerable homes we reach."

If you are able to help with the draught excluder campaign, please contact Hazel Kirby on 01609 780458 or The website has an easy tutorial for ‘how to make an easy draught excluder'.

When ready to donate your draught excluders to the project, you can drop them off at your nearest drop off point.