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Artisan Bread Delivery in Husthwaite Every Saturday


The Return of The Bygone Baker

Deep in the heart of the alpine hills in the south of France, small villages lie nestled in the valleys, sleepy with the haze of summer. Far in the distance the sound of a small white van can be heard beeping its horn as it meanders around the mountain roads. It arrives in the village to the daily delight of every villager and the local baker unloads hoards of fresh baguette, pain aux chocolate and croissant.

A country charm that is still rife across the continent has been largely lost in this country. There once was a time (in the not so distant past) when every villager knew their local butcher, baker and milk man. Weekly deliveries were conducted to the convenience of every householder and one could be sure of the provenance and quality of the products they were buying.

We were so saddened at this loss of tradition that we were (somewhat madly) inspired to start our own local bakery, re-establishing a long family trade that had skipped a generation. So there we have it. Several flat loaves, explosive doughnuts and a lot of flour later, we now operate from our Cottage Bakery in Shipton by Beningbrough and slowly but surely we are building a delivery round back up to the way it used to be. We make everything from scratch, by hand, the traditional way and we deliver it direct to you in your village, fresh from the oven.

We will be delivering to Husthwaite every Saturday between 11.40am and 1pm with a variety of fresh artisan bread, pastries, pies and sweet treats. We will be delighted to see you.

Your local bakers,

Ashley & Jack - Amos & Welsh