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Orchards of Husthwaite Changes


In August , Cameron Smith told us about how the Orchards of Husthwaite project was being changed.
After years of reviving Husthwaite as an orchard village and of producing juice and cider for sale, the business is moving into private ownership. The funds remaining (initially just less than £20,000) will be transferred to a new Trust.

Whilst it worked on a community basis, the project donated close to £30,000 to many village projects. It paid for things like the new notice board, gave support to Primetime and the Orchard Village Club, funded developments at the village hall and much else besides. It made a significant difference to village life, thanks to the work of Cameron, the company directors and the volunteers.

The fund still exists and will continue to be used to help village projects, for a number of years. The new Husthwaite Village Trust is being set up to manage it and is in the throes of being registered with the Charity Commission. Registration will give us with a clear legal framework and good guidelines about how to operate. Once registration is done, we will invite applications. We will want to hear from groups and projects in the parish area who need help with activities and services which add to the quality of life in Husthwaite, especially for those people whose needs are greatest. Existing groups will continue to be supported as a priority.

I'm acting as secretary for the new trustees for the time being. There are five of us; Dr Jane Maloney, Erik Seaman, Jim Murray, Cameron Smith and me.

Once the details are finalised, we will ensure that everyone in the village knows what the fund is for and how it will carry on the good funding work of the Orchards project. We will do our best to make sure that it meets needs in the village effectively and transparently, for as long as the fund allows us to:
Andrew Coulthard 01347 868130