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Parish Council Meeting held on the 17th November 2015


Present were, Carol Fenwick, Elaine Smith, Peter Fox, Paul Escreet, Alison Gambles, Barney Smith, Craig Colton and Caroline Patmore.

No apologies.

Paul has updated the Parish Plan actions, copied it into electronic form and highlighted what has and what has yet to be actioned. Carrying out a new Parish Plan was discussed but due to the time and the money that was required for the last one the PC decided that this would not be feasible. Paul suggested that a more efficient and cost effective course of action would be for the PC to work through a couple of sections of the Parish Plan per quarter and update the village via means of the Newsletter and the Parish Council section of the village website.

Chris Slater has been asked to quote for moving the cemetery bench as its current position on top of two burial plots is not ideal!

In response to a letter from Planning at Hambleton, the PC will request that Mark Harbottle investigates an issue relating to a breach of planning regulation in the village. The PC expressed its dissatisfaction with how the matter has thus far been dealt with. i.e. It has been over a year since a building was erected without planning consent and very little has been done about it.

An application to register Kendrew Green as a common is nearing completion and the Commons Registration Officer at County Hall will decide if it can be registered.

Bus service review.

The service for Husthwaite (31X) was originally going to be reduced to just three journeys to and from York per week. However after many objections were raised, from the PC and members of the public, NYCC have revised their original proposals and have provided us with two alternative options, both of these proposals are a vast improvement to the initial proposal however which option we end up with is not due to be announced until December.

Footpath from East View to Prospect Cottages has been inspected by NYCC and I have just received the following email this morning (after last nights PC meeting); "I can confirm that there are currently no actionable defects and I believe you are already aware from previous emails that we have put footways in Husthwaite forward for funding for permanent repairs. Unfortunately the footways have not yet been allocated funding, only carriageways in Husthwaite. The next time the footways will be considered for repairs will be 2017/18, the Highways Officer will continue to monitor their condition and order repairs in line with the Highways Safety Inspection Manual."


The PC have purchased a 'Squirrel-man' clock from Trevor Hutchinson, the remaining funds from the collection are to be presented to Anne at a coffee morning in the village hall on Saturday the 28th November at 1030am.


An Open Meeting is to be held in the Village Hall on Saturday 5th December. NB This is to be an informative meeting rather than a debate so please don't come looking for a fight - that comes later! What is Fracking, how does it works, what are the processes involved, how is a Well set up and what is involved in the planning process etc. Where we in this area are in the process and where the government is will also be explained. Q and A afterwards. Peter Fox has been investigating the possible impacts of fracking in our region. He is (still) awaiting a response from our MP Kevin Hollinrake. Please feel free to contact Peter directly if you would like to discuss this further. Grass cutting.

The grass cutting tender is up for renewal again next year so quotes are being requested from interested persons who wish to undertake the fortnightly grass cutting. Chris Slater has been asked to provide a quote to trim back the trees on MUGA access road.

On 1st April the transparency code came into effect. All PC expenditure over £100, end of year accounts, details of public land and assets and a list of councillors and their responsibilities amongst other things must be made available to the public to view at all times. Barney will post this information on the village website in due course.

Letters received from pupils at Husthwaite school.

Thank you for these letters, a copy of these letters will be available to view on the website soon and the PC will respond directly to the pupils at the school. A copy of the Parish Council's response will also be viewable on the website in due course. Topics of concern to the pupils included footpath conditions, no footpath to village hall, aesthetics of village green, closure of village shop and toilet facilities (lack of) at the Recreation Area.

Every household will be getting an additional Recycling wheelie bin in Feb, this bin will be for ALL RECYCLABLES EXCEPT GLASS, the blue boxes will continue to be used but will be for glass only, the recycling centre next to the cemetery will be removed.


Link to view all current and decided applications is Report all highways issues via the NYCC website

Next meeting Tuesday January 19th at 730pm All welcome to attend. All Parish Councillors would like to wish everyone in Husthwaite a VERY Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year! We hope we have served you well in 2015, we try our best! 😁 Barney Smith.