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Thanks to Husthwaite Volunteers!


A vast array of skills is required to enable the hall to host a huge range of events and none of them would be possible without the fantastic support from our volunteers. There is always a huge range of tasks to be carried out depending on the event, from those requiring specialist knowledge to general housekeeping.  

All are appreciated and every little really does help!

Therefore, on behalf of The Village Hall and its Committee, I would like to say a huge


to everyone who has volunteered at the hall.

A special thank you from the market organisers to our team of volunteers (you know who you are!) that regularly help out at Husthwaite markets, ensuring the smooth running of the day and the enjoyment of all.
With your ongoing support we can build on the foundations which have been firmly laid and continue to be proud of our hall and our community.
Husthwaite Village Hall